A Revolutionary Way to Sell Silipints


The reusable Zip Mesh Retail Bag allows your customers to still feel the Silipints & see the colors pop, without compromising the cleanliness of the cups on shelves.

Retail Ready

These are securely pre-packed with top-selling blank color combinations. The content sticker will already be placed. Plus, your UPC sticker can be found on the bottom of the bag. They will be completely retail ready for your shelves or hanging displays.


Customers will love that their Silipint packaging serves as a reusable bag. From holding power cords and chargers to an on-the-go medical kit, this bag adds value to your customer’s purchase at no additional cost to you.

Benefits Explained

The features and benefits of Silipints is apart of the content sticker design. Additional collateral, that’s often messy or lost, is no longer needed. These bags will answer the FAQs for you!

3 Sizes, 4 SKUs

These top-selling blank color combos and sizes have been paired up to fly off your shelves.

  • 2 Pints (Hippie Hops & Sea Swirl), 2 XL Lids, 2 Straws
    • Wholesale $17.30 / MSRP $34.95
  • 2 Pints (Sunfire Smash & Arctic Sky), 2 XL Lids, 2 Straws
    • Wholesale $17.30 / MSRP $34.95
  • 2 Wine (Hippie Hops & Sea Swirl)
    • Wholesale $6.90 / MSRP $13.95
  • 2 Half Pints (Hippie Hops & Sea Swirl), 2 Travel Lids, 2 Straws
    • Wholesale $13.30 / MSRP $26.95

*At this time, color substitutions are not available. Printed goods are only available in quantities of 3000+ per pack.


Packing, Shipping & MOQs

Ship Origin: Bend, Oregon Received: Constructed, packed and UPC labeled Lead Time: 7-10 days

  • Pint Pack #1 – MOQ 36 – $622.80 + Shipping
  • Pint Pack #2 – MOQ 36 – $622.80 + Shipping
  • Wine Pack – MOQ 36 – $248.40 + Shipping
  • Half Pint Pack – MOQ 36 – $478.80 + Shipping

*MOQ is per pack with the blank color sets offered. Color substitutions are not available at this time. All subsequent orders will have an MOQ of 72 per pack.

Retail Ready

These conveniently pre-packaged blank goods are the next step forward for your business. They will arrive packed, securely zip-tied with a content sticker explaining features & benefits, as well as the UPC label on the bottom. All you have to do is set them on your shelf or hang them on your display.

Hang It

Have a hanging retail display? These bags have a grip handle attached that is perfect for these instances. Not only will it keep your merchandise clean, but it still allows customers to grab and feel the Silipint products. Plus, the colorful tie-dyes pop through the bag to grab their attention as they’re walking by.