What is Silicone?

Silicone is made from materials that exist in abundance – the same materials that make up a huge percentage of the earth’s crust. Silipints don’t employ limited resources like petroleum or metals that need to be drilled out of the ground to make plastic cups and metal containers. Silicone, in the form of a rubberlike substance, is a material composed of silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and a curing catalyst used to harden the liquid silicone substance into the desired shape.


Derived from sand, silicone manufacturing and reusability helps keep Earth’s less abundant natural resources intact. It’s an eco-friendly superhero that’ll outlast and outperform any glass, plastic, stainless steel and ceramic mug out there.


BPA-free, 100% food-grade tested & approved for humans and the earth. Freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Nothing leeched, nothing broken. Let your worries go carefree and embrace your inner klutz.


More than a cup, Silipint bends to your needs of the moment. Resourcefulness is a life skill and this is one tool you need to get your hands on. Bottle topper. Sink plunger. Oven mitt. Just to name a few. With a lifetime of reusability, they are ready for your daily dose of adventure.


Boiling water. Frozen smoothies. Hot tubs & saunas. With minimal temperature transfer to your hands, you can rely on Silipints to keep your beverages, and your skin, safe and perfectly to temp. 

How Safe Are Silipints?

Our ecofriendly silicone cups, reusable glasses and straws are not just safe because they’re BPA-free and won’t shatter, melt or collapse. According to Scientific American, they’re also safe because:

  • They're chemically inert and stable
  • Silipints don't react with or leach into food
  • Silicone doesn't outgas vapors, even at high temperatures
  • Silicone isn't toxic to soil or organic organisms

Is Silicone Recylable?

As for the end of life cycle, silicone can only be recycled at a specific plant. However, we offer to take in any product that a consumer wants to recycle, they just need to ship it to us. We have a resource partner, ECO USA, that takes those products, heats them up, puts it through a filtration and refinement process to produce recycle-grade silicone fluid which can then be reused by other companies.

What Makes Silipints Eco-Friendly?

A zero-waste lifestyle can begin with just one Silipint. The endless reusability of Silipints makes them a product that you can count on to last in your household for a lifetime. One Silipint, lid and straw can replace every plastic, paper and styrofoam single-use product that comes from coffee shops & more. You can take Silipints camping, to music festivals, outdoor gatherings - practically anywhere that allows you to refill your sustainable cup versus their often-plastic provided drinkware. 

We have many event-based customers that use Silipints as their refillable cups to greatly reduce the waste generated by attendees. Furthermore, participants love getting eco-friendly silicone cups, reusable glasses and straws as prizes at events.