16 Ways to Personalize Your Gift of Silipints

The holiday season is full of feasts, parties, family traditions, and a little bit of chaos. It’s easy to lose track of a few important things throughout these busy weeks. There are so many people we encounter on a daily basis who make a big difference in our lives but don’t always make our lists. Gifts are one way to show your appreciation for them, and kudos to you for showing them they matter.

We realize making the choice of what to buy or how to make a gift personal is not always easy though. It can be daunting even. We’re here to offer Silipints as a great go-to gift, and easy to personalize for lots of people in your life.



Silipints work as a great gift because they can be much more than hydration vessels. Not only are they unbreakable, eco-friendly, and lifetime companions for many drinking occasions, they’re also multi-use, easy to pack and great in a pinch. Whether young or old, feeling adventurous or lazy, our silicone drinkware can be dropped, folded, washed, and reused over and over again.

Here are a few ideas for easily personalizing your Silipint holiday gifts.

Coffee & Tea Lovers

Everyone starts their morning with something. Whether it’s hot or cold, our silicone cups are perfect for their sipping leisure. They insulate hot and cold & are safe for the microwave, dishwasher, freezer and even the oven. One better, they’re eco-friendly cups that can replace single-use paper, plastic and styrofoam cups from coffee shops. So, whether you’re buying for your eco-warrior friends or just the person who is constantly on-the-go, these gift ideas below would be perfect!


  • Silipint: 22oz Bomber or 16 oz Silipint and a Travel Lid XL
  • Fill with: Gift card to a local coffee shop or fancy, aromatic tea bags, or a premium blend of coffee
  • More buzz: Mini-bottle set of flavorings like caramel and hazelnut, travel honey pouches and a personalized stir stick

Party Hosting Gifts

Hosting a party, no matter what time of year, is very hard work. Yet, there is something about hosting holiday parties or Thanksgiving dinners that is incredibly stressful. Even for the most carefree person, it’s a lot of responsibility to take on. Normally, this would be a tough gift to try to figure out, but unbreakable silicone drinkware makes a great gift for people that are hosting these parties. Not only can they toss their Silipints in the dishwasher and microwave, but they never have to worry about a guest dropping and breaking glassware at the soiree.


  • Silipint: Set of 14 oz Stemless Wine Glasses or 16oz Pint Glasses (Silipint’s silicone wine glasses and pints are awesome because they’ll never break and are safe for hot and cold use)
  • Pairs with: Bottle of wine or booze of choice and a personal-sized decadent dessert or a sausage and cheese platter (these goodies are just for them to enjoy once the guests have left and it’s time for them to relax)
  • Extra charm: Add a Silicone Shot Glass, amazing multi-use as a wine-bottle topper, garlic peeler & so much more

Mailman, Housekeeper, Busdriver & Butcher

What we’re really trying to say about these people is that they’re the ones that come through for us on a regular basis without many thanks. Helping us wrap up last-minute roasts the day before a party, delivering our packages for us during cold, winter storms, and they get our children to school safely. They deserve a little extra recognition, especially during the holidays. Perhaps a Silipint they can take with them on their much-needed vacation.


Gifts For Secret Santas

If you have a few holiday parties to attend this year, you may run into numerous Secret Santa gift needs. With so many parties, it can be really hard to come up with a unique gift for each exchange. Easy tip? Start with an unbreakable cup and fill it with various goodies that anyone would get a kick out of.


  • Silipint: 22 oz Bombers + Travel Lid XL with an 18oz Squeeze-a-Bowl
  • Fill with: Snacks like roasted nuts or caramel corn & a 22oz bottle of unique, local craft beer
  • Wow factor: Throw in a set movie tickets to the local theatre

Bookclub Friends, Girl’s Night Girls, Coworker Gift

These are the folks that keep you going throughout the week. They’re the friends that come through when you need to decompress, talk through a good book, or bring you a coffee before the big meeting. Show them a little extra love with a Silipint bundle with unbreakable wine glasses and more!


Mixologists, Whiskey Lovers, Tequila Tasters

Do you have a self-taught bartender in your life? Perhaps just the person who is always offering to make the drinks at the party? Put together a bar kit so they can put their skills to the test at the next soiree. Avoid messy cleanups with unbreakable silicone cups that are BPA-free, dishwasher safe and can keep up with the craziest concoctions.


Age 3-10: Nieces and Nephews, Kid’s Table Guests

Kids are probably the easiest ones to please on your holiday list and you most likely will not go wrong with your gift ideas. It’s always a good idea to throw in something that allows them to use their imagination and their mind to play with, but here are just a few suggestions.


Your Dog’s Walker, Dog’s Grandma, Dog’s Favorite Dog Park Friend


  • Silipint: Aqua-Fur Dog Bowl & an 18oz Squeeze-a-Bowl
  • Add: Dog treats, of course! Plus, something sweet for the human, they deserve yummy snacks, too.
  • Extra cool: Carabiner to attach the Aqua-fur dog bowl onto a backpack or purse

Who have we missed? Drop us a note, contact us on social media, or give us a call!