Designed in Bend

Our original Pint, quickly followed by our Silishot, were both created to simply mimic glass shapes we already know and love. We’ve since developed new shapes, travel lids to fit many sizes, finishes that get a little fancy, and color options to suit just about any palate.

We are breaking the mold and thinking outside the box (or cup, in this matter.) Silicone is simple by nature, and by modern manufacturing, rather ingenious.

About Silipint

The Factory

All Silipint products are designed and headquartered in Oregon and are produced overseas in China. We utilize factory partnerships and guidelines that ensure our ethical and environmental standards are met every step of the way.

Silipints meet and exceed all FDA standards, rules and regulations, as well as maintain design uniformity and provide optimal quality. We take pride in these operations, and maintain the highest quality control inspections throughout all processes and resources.

Patent US8469225B2

When we say Silipint is the only true Silicone drinkware, it’s because we actually invented it, and we carry the only utility patent to make and manufacture “semi-rigid beverage receptacles” in the United States, which is a very broad patent.

Therefore, any retailer or distributor that is selling products that aren’t Silipint, or aren’t licensed by Silipint, are illegal. If you’re interested in more specifics on what our patent covers, how and why it was developed, as well as the differences between the knock off products and ours, please contact us!

Printing Production

We have the unique ability to screen print your artwork in our facilities in Bend, Oregon and Indianapolis, Indiana. Our incredible team of schedulers, stagers, printers, and shippers obsess over all the details in each order, and our crews work tirelessly to meet the demands of our customers.

Custom Silicone Drinkware