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Our silicone drink and food ware is made from non-toxic silicone that won’t fade, dent, crack or shatter. Built to last a lifetime these sustainable products come in a variety of colors with super-durable, long-lasting custom prints.

microwave safe
dishwasher safe
freezer safe
non toxic


Silicone is non-toxic and BPA-Free

100% food-grade tested & approved

Silipints don’t react with or leach into food

Silicone doesn’t outgas vapors, even at high temperatures

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Why choose Silipint silicone products?

At Silipint, we believe in sustainability. Derived from sand, silicone manufacturing and reusability helps keep Earth’s less abundant natural resources intact. It’s an eco-friendly superhero that’ll outlast and outperform any glass, plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic. Silicone can only be recycled at a specific plant.


However, we offer to take in any product that a consumer wants to recycle, they just need to ship it to us. We have a resource partner, ECO USA, that takes those products and produces recycle-grade silicone fluid which can then be reused by other companies.


“They are unique like our company. Silipint is changing the way people think about drinkware. These Silipints are the definition of outdoors, you can take them anywhere, on the boat, hiking or just use them at your house.”

Islamorada Beer Company, FL

“We love Silipint because they are of innovative quality and are environmentally conscious.”

Bravefriend Apparel & Design, SC

Our Guarantee

At Silipint, we take pride in our products and, when used as intended, we warrant that our products will be free from defects in workmanship and materials.


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