21 Gift Ideas For Dad




Dads are so many things to us throughout their lives. They are there to help us tackle our problems, give life advice, crack dad jokes when we need them, and encourage us to always do our best. So, when the occasion (like Father’s Day!) presents itself, how do you begin to choose the perfect gift for your very special dad, step-dad, and dad-in-law?




Whether you just want to give him a heartfelt sentiment, or you’re trying to find the perfect Father’s Day gift, take your time to pick out something thoughtful that he’ll use and love. Here are a few unique gift ideas for the many different dads out there.

The Handy Dad

If your dad spends most of his time fixing things or building things for you, here are a few unique gifts that any handyman would love.

  • A toolset like this one from Craftsman has various tools. Despite the name “mechanics” set, these are multipurpose tools he’ll use often.
  • If your dad is a woodworker, pick out a project that you could work on together. Whether there’s a DIY project you’ve been wanting to make or something you could create together for your dad, he will love you showing interest in learning his work.

Adventure Dad Gifts

If dad is constantly planning camping trips for the family, consider amping up his outdoor gear. Here are a few gifts for dads that love mapping out the next adventure.


  • If dad likes to be the camp cook, a Solo Stove is easy to use, minimally sized and has a lifetime guarantee. Maybe throw in a few Mountain House meals, for when cooking doesn’t go as planned and he needs a backup!
  • Surprise him with an Orion Cooler, they’re durable and keep contents cold for days. Perfect for camping trips that require longer food and beverage storage. Plus, they have a ten-year limited lifetime warranty!
  • Don’t forget a set of Squeeze-a-Bowls and Silipints. They’re the last camping dishware he’ll need because they’re packable, unbreakable, multifunctional, and he can even cook in them!

The Competitive Sportsman

Some dads run marathons, some play football in the park, others play golf. No matter what sport your dad likes, you can cater to these gift ideas accordingly.

  • Host dad’s favorite game with the family. If he’d enjoy a Sili-er version, play with “cup-in-hand” rules where everyone holds an unbreakable Silipint in one hand while they play the game.
  • Consider compiling a gift basket of new sporting gear. For instance, if he plays golf get him a matching set of a 16oz Silipint and 1.5oz SiliShot (which serves as an excellent golf tee when propped upside down on the turf) and set up a time to go play a few rounds together.
  • If he has any spare time and there’s a community team looking for new players, sign him up for a season, maybe get in on the fun and join him! There’s nothing like beer league kickball during the summer.



Dad The Fisherman

If your dad is found on the water on his days off catching fish and telling sizable stories about it, he’ll appreciate any of these fisherman gifts.

  • Fisherman Multi-tools come in handy when dad’s out on the boat or in the middle of a river. Plus, you could make it a personalized gift and have something special engraved on it.
  • A new fishing vest from Orvis would be a great gift and they have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee in case it doesn’t fit right.
  • Plan a day to fish with him. Scope out where the fishing is hot, pack a cooler of sandwiches, cold ones and unbreakable Silipints and enjoy the day with him.

The Master BBQ’er Gift Basket

If your dad’s happy place is curating the ultimate burger on a grill, or turning kabobs until they’re just perfectly cooked, then here are a few gift ideas you could compile in a personalized gift basket for him.


  • Pick up a few gourmet seasonings from a local spice shop.
  • Grab him accessories from GrilLight. They carry full tool sets of spatulas, tongs, etc. and they’re equipped with LED lights so Dad can grill after dark. Plus, they carry silicone mats that can safely go on your grill to serve as a flat top that is SUPER easy to clean!
  • Throw in a 16oz Silipint to keep his beer cold while he grills and an 18oz Squeeze-a-Bowl, which he can use to melt sauces on the grill and awe his crowd.

Gifts For Dad’s Man Cave

Whether it’s a barn filled with power tools or a basement garage with an air hockey table, dad’s man cave is a special place for him to relax and retreat. Get him something special he can add to it.

  • Depending on his beverage of choice, a set of 16oz Silipints or 12oz Bases would be a great gift, because let’s face it, unbreakable drinkware is a priority in the man cave.
  • Find dad’s favorite brewery and check out their swag for a cool bottle opener or a plaque to hang on the wall.
  • If Dad is tech-savvy, maybe check out a new sound system for his man cave. It doesn’t have to be big and expensive, a new turntable is a great tech gift and you could find a local record shop and grab some of his favorite oldies.

Sentimental Gifts for Dad

Maybe your dad doesn’t fall into these categories, or maybe you’re just looking for something extra special to tell him how much you appreciate all of his dad jokes, even when you don’t always laugh. Here are a few unique gift ideas for you and your dad:

  • Plan a nostalgic dad date. If you used to get ice cream with your dad once a month as a kid, take him for a cone.
  • If there are a lot of old photos in shoeboxes lying around, pick out a few of them to get framed. A compilation of him as a kid, or with his father, or him with his kids now would be a very nice photo sentiment for him to put in a special place.
  • Take Dad on a road trip to check something off his bucket list, or maybe even a band he’s always wanted to see live.






So, whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift or a gift for Father’s Day to tell your dad what a great person he is, it’s important to think about what is meaningful to your dad and go from there. In the end, he’ll notice and appreciate your effort in choosing him the perfect gift.



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