6 Unique Gift Ideas for Moms


Mothers go through all sorts of adventures with us but they don’t always get the time to enjoy the moments for themselves. Whether you talk every day or just send a few cards back and forth throughout the year, take a moment to celebrate your mom by planning her an adventure so she can soak in the experience all for herself.

For the Trail Mom

If your mom’s ideal weekend is on a dirt trail, listening to birds chirping, and looking onwards towards her forest exploration, then you should plan her a backpacking trip on a scenic trail.

  • The Adventure: Plan a 2-7 day hike (or a canoe trip – if you want to get really out there) through an area she’s always wanted to explore. Put together a detailed map of the excursion and pack the bags!




  • Topping It Off: If you want to be more self-sufficient on the trip, a compact stove from SoloStoveis perfect for 2 people, it doesn’t use propane (so you can pack less) and combined with a few Mountain House Meals and an 18oz Silipint Squeeze-a-Bowl, is a lightweight option to enjoy delicious meals on your trip.

For the Mom Who Needs a Getaway

Perhaps your mom would enjoy some sand between her toes, or a cabin under the open sky, maybe even a summit slope waiting to be carved. However they choose to relax, they deserve it and we should make that happen for them.




  • The Adventure: An Airbnb gift certificate allows your mom to pick her destination. However, if you’re confident about knowing what she’d like, book the vacation for her.
  • A Little Extra: Send her off with a gift basket of Silipints because they can be enjoyed anywhere, the beach, the patio, the car or the campground. Accompany the Silipints with her favorite after-hour beverage and easy-to-travel-with dessert.
  • Topping It Off: A Polaroid Camera would be a unique gift for a getaway. She can disconnect from her phone and still be able to capture the moments.

For the Camper Mom

If your mom hasn’t experienced a glamping getaway, then this is a must-do on your list to plan for her. It’s basically camping with you're pinkies up, and every mom deserves to experience this adventure at least once.

  • The Adventure: Glamping can vary on the spectrum of affordability. The first place to check would be Airbnb. From sailboats to treehouses, there are a lot of interesting places you can stay, all around the world.
  • A Little Extra: This glamping site is filled with unique accommodations in beautiful places. National, international, secluded, or surrounded by fellow glampers, you can find anything you’re looking for, right here. They’re a little bit more inclusive and tend to have more activities associated.
  • Topping It Off: If she’s glamping somewhere with electricity, top this gift package off with sous vide, a cooler with stasher bags filled with ready-to-cook meals, and a few Squeeze-a-Bowls. All your mom will have to do is drop the bag in and dinner is served shortly after.

For the Thrill-Seeking Mom

Whether the kids have flown the coop yet or not, some moms just have an ache for adrenaline. It’s never too late to organize an unforgettable experience for your mom.

  • The Adventure: Plan an exciting excursion like skydiving, a helicopter tour, whitewater rafting, or a zip-line tour through a forest.
  • A Little Extra: Find a way to make a weekend out of it. A great way to end the day after an adrenaline rush is by peacefully camping in the woods.



For a Mom’s Night Out

No matter what age, your mom deserves to shake up her routine with a night accompanied by her gal pals. 

  • The Adventure: Call up her friends, make reservations at her favorite restaurant, and pay for her favorite bottle of wine to be taken to the table.
  • A Little Extra: Send your mom and her friends off with a scavenger hunt list to keep them busy on the town. Include a few sili things to keep the night interesting and fun. If you need a few ideas, check out this blog.
  • Topping It Off:

    Before her night begins, leave her a little gift bag with everything she’ll need to recover smoothly the next morning. Some ideas are:

For the Mom That Loves to Learn

Moms encourage us our entire lives to try new things, even if we fail, it’s worth the experience. Not every mom gets the chance or courage to try something new all on their own, so give them the gift of discovery.

  • The Adventure: Be unique with this, sign her up for something she’s never thought about taking. Perhaps paddle-boarding, pottery, mountain biking, or find something even sili-er like Beer Yoga.
  • A Little Extra: Look into what she might need for the class and get her a starter pack of beginners’ supplies.
  • Topping It Off: Sign up with her! Especially if she’s trying something new, she’ll be overwhelmed with joy to have you by her side.




The everyday adventures of life are no match for moms.

They’re resilient and fierce, and for that, it’s important to show them how much you appreciate them with a few unique gestures throughout their lives. You don’t have to wait for a holiday like Mother’s Day to celebrate, just think outside the box, go a little above and beyond, and plan your mom a beautiful adventure she’ll never forget.


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