7 Must-Buy, Eco-Friendly Back-to-School Items You Might’ve Forgotten About

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Anticipation electrifies the air as a new school year approaches, with the thrill of renewing friendships, exploring new subjects, and the ritual of back-to-school shopping. Gathering all the necessities for your child to succeed can seem overwhelming — so let’s simplify some of that process and ensure nothing slips through the cracks!

The Essentials: Lunchboxes and Silipint Foodware

Lunchtime is a refreshing pause in the day for children — a chance to refuel and recharge. A reliable lunchbox ensures meals remain fresh, and Silipint's foodware is the perfect addition. We get it, as parents, durability and safety are non-negotiable. 

That's why our foodware is unbreakable, oven-safe, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe. Crafted from 100% food-grade, platinum-cured silicone, Silipint products are not just kid-friendly, they're eco-friendly too. Plus, our new Go Go Bowls come with built-in lids you’re child will never lose. It's time to say goodbye to disposable plastic and embrace a greener planet!

Sustainable Hydration: Silipint Drinkware and Reusable Water Bottles

Proper hydration is fundamental to keep your children energized and attentive throughout the day. While disposable water bottles may seem convenient, their long-term environmental impact is significant. Aluminum water bottles are noisy when dropped in class, and become dented and misshapen over time. Silipint cups won’t break, dent, scratch, or shatter. 

With Silipint drinkware, sustainability takes center stage. 

Aluminum water bottles are noisy when dropped in class, and become dented and misshapen over time. Silipint cups won’t break, dent, scratch, or shatter. Plus they won’t spill or make a clatter when dropped!

Our family-friendly cups, tumblers, and straws are vibrant, durable, and designed to last, reducing waste and endorsing a more sustainable lifestyle. Perfect gifts for kids, they're colorful, indestructible, and easy to clean. Your child will be set for environmentally friendly hydration.

Creative Expressions: Non-Toxic Markers and Crayons

There's magic in the act of creation, and what better way for children to express their creativity than through art? Choosing the right art supplies is crucial. Non-toxic markers and crayons not only assure safety but also inspire creativity. 

These child-safe art tools are colorful, easy to handle, and they encourage your child to unleash their imagination, leaving a vibrant mark on their canvas, not on the environment.

Pack it All Up: Durable Backpacks

A backpack is more than just a bag — it's a mobile storage solution, a fashion statement, and a trusty sidekick for your child's school year journey! It's imperative to choose a backpack that’s sturdy, sustainable, and stylish. 

Backpacks made from recyclable materials not only ensure safe transportation of all school items, but they also align with your values of sustainability. They are built to endure the daily rigors of school life while reducing environmental impact. 

Not Just for Reading: Fun and Useful Book Covers

Book covers serve as more than just a protective layer; they're a canvas for self-expression and a statement of personality (don’t forget those non-toxic crayons and markers!). They shield precious knowledge repositories from damage, ensuring longevity while offering children a chance to make their mark. 

Pairing utility with personalization, book covers foster a sense of ownership and responsibility in kids, all while adding a pop of fun to the otherwise monotonous sea of textbooks — and many are made from recyclable or recycled materials.  

Stay Organized: Labels for Easy Finding

School items often have a way of getting misplaced or lost in the daily whirl of activities. Labels, particularly for younger children, can be a lifesaver.

From textbooks to lunchboxes and even Silipint drinkware, labels assist in easy identification and organization. They're a simple yet effective solution to keeping track of your child's belongings amidst a classroom full of similar items, and many brands offer environmentally conscious options.

The Green Pages: Eco-Friendly Notebooks

Every line your child pens down is a step toward their future. Why not ensure those steps tread lightly on our planet? Opting for eco-friendly notebooks aligns perfectly with this vision.

These notebooks, often made from recycled materials or sustainable sources, allow your child to learn and express themselves while reinforcing the importance of mindful consumption.

A Comprehensive Back-to-School Shopping Guide

Preparing for a new school year is like setting the stage for the exciting performance ahead. It's about balancing functionality, durability, and eco-friendliness to create a seamless experience for your child.

Each item – the durable lunchbox, Silipint's unbreakable foodware, the kid-friendly Silipint cups, the reusable water bottles, non-toxic markers and crayons, sturdy backpacks made from recyclable materials, easy organization labels, and eco-friendly notebooks – has a role to play in this grand production.

As you gear up for the upcoming school year, remember that each choice you make doesn't just affect your child's school experience, but also the world they live in.

By choosing Silipint products and other eco-conscious school supplies, you're not only arming your child for success but also teaching them the importance of respecting and preserving the world we share. Here's to a successful and sustainable school year!


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