9 Ways to Make This The Best 4th of July Ever

There’s just something about this time of year—the heat, sprinklers, the kids out of school- that gets us thinking about AMERICA. Just in time for the 4th of July, here are some ideas to celebrate the USA with products that either represent or are made here!

1. Sick of tan lines, but still want to celebrate America at the 4th of July parade? Lady Liberty would raise her torch for this festive choice!

2. Nothing says “I love American but I also want to be cool and refreshed” like an American eagle… with you on its back…floating down the river.

3. Pull out the ol’ red wagon and make a bar on the move, so you can take the party with you wherever you go.

4. Up your backyard game game. It’s what patriots do. Games while you BBQ are fun, but HUGE games mean bigger fun. Literally. So get started now and get a gigantic Connect Four, cornhole or other mega-game setup.

5. No matter how you spell it, a hat can help you stay cool while keeping your 4th of July style on point.

6. People say “as American as apple pie,” but we think “as American as watermelon” should also be a thing. Especially if that watermelon is icy cold and injected with vodka.

7. If you’ve gotten this far, it looks like you’re in for quite the fun and shennanigans this 4th of July, which means you’ll need the right drinkware to hold up to the festivities. Silipints are unbreakable and perfect for when things heat up and the firecrackers go off (or you drop your drink). Not to mention they come in the most patriotic of designs with an American Flag or tie dye American Dream.

8. Sick of overpriced, foreign-made fireworks to celebrate our nation’s independence? Why not make your own*?

*Obviously this is a terrible, dangerous idea. It’s printed by “Ozark Press”, though, which makes us feel better.

9. A list of 4th of July Hacks wouldn’t be complete without at least one sweet treat. At least, that’s how we feel. How about an easy USA twist on the most basic, downhome American staple? Seriously, you can probably make this thing start to finish in 30 minutes, look like a bad-ass and have the item on the table that disappears first. Winning! Just like America!


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