A Tailgate Triumph For The Ultimate Fan

Tailgate Ideas Inspired by Silipints

Fall is right around the corner which means it’s time for... football!!!

No, we were NOT going to say “everything pumpkin spice”.

If you’re ready to step up your tailgating game, send in Silipints for the win. We’ve got tailgating ideas for you that will make your team proud.

Toss Me A Cold One

We realize that for many of you, beer is at least half the reason you tailgate. The other half is split between a love for football and wanting to show off really cool tailgating gear. Silipint falls right into the middle of those two things. Just check out this epic review from Tailgating Challenge. They put Silipints to the test of tailgating at its finest (or not so finest).

So, start with Silipints to hold your beer. While everyone else is busy setting down full cans and forgetting where they are and which one is theirs, your crew can keep track of their own colorful Pint Glass. Not only will no one break their Silipint when it’s dropped, because there is ALWAYS that one guy that drops his beer, but there’s also no danger of spillage when you top your Pint with an XL Travel Lid. You can wave and rave for every touchdown your team runs into the endzone and still enjoy every last drop of cold beer.

Prefer tallboys at your site? While you’re unlikely to make it past halftime, our 22oz Bomber will hold it all, plus the XL Lid fits snugly on this size too.




Finger Food For Tailgaters

There are too many delicious recipes for tailgate food. How are you supposed to choose? You don’t have to! Create a list of dishes or appetizer food and then have each person in your group sign up to make something. Apart from the bottomless chips, gooey cheese and everything meat found at every tailgating party, list some healthier options too. Veggie platters or hummus plates are great alternatives that are still yummy and filling! 



* Worried about double dippers with all those quesadilla casseroles and taco dips? Forget about it! Bring a stack of 18oz Squeeze-a-Bowls for everyone to use. They’re unbreakable, grippy so they won’t slide off your tailgate table, and best of all, they just need a rinse and a quick wipe and they’re ready to be reused by someone else.*

 A long day of tailgating activities might call for a bit more substance though. Bring a portable grill and fire up some hotdogs or brats. This type of food can soak up quite a bit of alcohol when it’s time to pay attention to the nailbiting score. 

Sometimes there will be an early game and a hotdog at 9am doesn’t sound appealing to everyone. Heat up some water on your grill and pour it into the Squeeze-a-Bowl with oatmeal. This is an energy-boosting snack that will get you through the entire game. 


*Silipints can take the heat. Early morning tailgaters, we see you and your sad, cold coffee. Pour that tepid brew in a Silipint and pop it on the grill ‘til it’s piping hot. Got butter to melt or sauce that needs to stay steamy? Silipints make a great saucepan stand-in. They’re also outstanding pot holders. Slide one over the panhandle and grab without fear of sear.*



Fan Fun Games

What is a tailgate party without a little Flip Cup or Beer Pong? Sober or not so much, it’s pretty darn entertaining.

This football season, ditch the red plastic cups. Not only are they horribly wasteful for the environment, but they’re also tippy and easily broken. Silipints stand up to the fun no matter how physical the game gets. For the super competitive bunch, our different sized cups make the challenge progressively harder. Start with Pints, move on to Half Pints and then finish up by taking aim at the 5.5oz Tasters. For an interesting twist in Beer Pong, stack the Silipints on top of each other. Game on!

If you’re looking for games that are a little less focused on chugging all your beer, here are a few ideas. Bring a new spin to your tailgate setup by making your own Silitoss game. If you’re tailgating in an RV or Van, this is especially cool because you can hang the game on the back of your rig. It’s just like the carnival game. It entails using the 16oz Silipint as a football and throwing it into different sized holes that are worth various points, or yards. This is also a great game for kids to play. 



And for the football fans not the football players, the following games are classics at tailgating parties. Cornhole is one that everyone can get on board with. Play a round of Bocce Ball throughout the tailgate field or parking lot. It’s a great way to break the ice amongst neighbors and meet new people. Or, a round of Beersbie can also be a ton of fun, you just need a frisbee, ski poles and a couple of Silipints. 

 Lastly, if you only have a Silipint to work with, running around the parking lot playing Silipint football is super fun. The springy structure of a Silipint gives you a grip that any quarterback would envy. You can punt it, spike it or send it for a spiral into the endzone. 

As Seasons Change

You may need to prepare for cold weather tailgating towards the end of the football season. This means collecting blankets, mobile heaters and you may even want to add warm drinks to your pregame beverage menu.

For kids, bring hot apple cider packets or hot chocolate and just add boiling water into an 8oz Half Pint and top with a Travel Lid. The heat won’t transfer to their little hands and they can still run around without spilling their drinks! 



More exciting, for adults, this means warm cocktails like a hot toddy, spiked hot cider, warm spiced wine, or even hot chocolate with whiskey. You can make a batch in a pot on your portable stove or grill and then ladle into everyone’s Pints or Bombers. Top it with an XL Lid and the adults can also run around without spilling their drinks. Hoping to keep it classy? Sip your hot beverage out of an unbreakable, Stemless Wine Glass.

 Go long and have an amazing season, whoever you’re cheering for!



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