Best Gifts in Life are Unbreakable: Silipint Holiday Gifting Guide

Think back at some of your favorite holiday gifts. What were they? A new bike? The latest video game? An assortment of sweet treats? Chances are, while these gifts were certainly special, the best ones provided long-lasting joy!

So what better gift than an unbreakable, long-lasting Silipint? In this holiday gift guide, we’ll give you an idea of what Silipints are available for gifting, and which ones would be perfect for the people on this year’s gift list!

Gifts for Mom and Dad

First things first — you must find something for the people who brought you into this world, right?

Mom and Pops would love nothing more than to have another way to enjoy their leisure time or unwind at the end of a long day. Knowing this, perhaps a Silipint rocks glass or wine tumbler might be the right call?

Let us paint the picture for you. It’s the dead of winter, the snow is piled up to the door, and your parents are cozied up by the warm fireplace. The only thing missing is a little wine or some sipping whiskey to bring the relaxing atmosphere to the max.

Give them the gift of fun and comfort!

Gifts for Your Kids

But we’ve only just begun. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention any of our great gifts for the kiddos in your life! (And let’s face it — you’d be hearing about it from them if expectations aren’t met!)

Check out our collection of Kids Silipint Tumblers! You’ll find 8oz pints that span the color spectrum and offer different ways to sip!

First, you should decide: does my kiddo need a straw or a sipper lid? You can’t beat the fun of a sipping straw, but some kids might be more prone to losing them than others. A sipper lid is a reliable way to keep your drink safe while minimizing the parts you have to keep track of in the dishwasher.

Little Sally will love taking their pint to school, practice, friends’ houses, and more as they stay hydrated. Peruse the whole kids’ collection below!

Gifts for Grandpa and Grandma

You’ve got gift ideas for the parents and the kids — now we just have to finish the family!

Grandpa and Grandma wouldn’t mind having their own Silipints either! In fact, some of Silipint’s features might be especially valuable to them. For instance, Silipints are super-usable, easy to clean, and nearly unbreakable. In terms of ease of use, you won’t find better cups than these.

If we know our grandparents, we know they can’t go a day without their morning coffee! Fortunately, we have several size and color options for our coffee tumblers with convenient sipping lids. Granny will perk right up when she sips from her 16oz Sun Storm pint!

Additionally, we’re willing to bet the grandparents wouldn’t mind another cup in which to enjoy their libations. If evening porch sipping is their game, look no further than our barware to accompany any neighborhood sunset.

Gifts for Your Significant Other

Greeting cards have all been sent. The holiday rush is through. But we still have one wish to make — a special one for you know who. 👀

So, how do you pick the perfect pint for your significant other? We have a few different angles for you to consider!

We cannot overlook the tried and true holiday gift: the original Silipint! Coming in a wide variety of colors, you’re bound to find one (or several) that your partner will love. Giving them the gift of hydration during the work day and between adventures is really the strongest loving message you can send — plus, you might just cross their mind with every sip they take.

Next, we suggest taking a look at our customizable Silipint tumblers. Even if you couldn’t find the right vibe in our current selection, you’re guaranteed to narrow in on the perfect design through our custom process.

Lastly, we cannot forget the gift of sili barware! Whether your hubby is a die-hard sports fan with a desire for a team-colored cup, or the Mrs. needs a calming glass of wine for her movie nights, we know you can find the perfect gift in our catalog.

Between different pints, styles, accessories, and colors, you’re sure to find a gift for every single person on your list this year!

And remember that if you still haven’t found the perfect pint to give someone, you can always order a customized silipint designed to meet your exact specifications! There’s no way you can go wrong with these durable, super-usable delights.

We hope that you enjoy your seasonal sippin’, and we wish you a very merry holiday!


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