Easy & Delightful Tips To Make An Unforgettable Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving countdown has begun, so put on your stretchy pants and get ready for the mother of all eating holidays. Whether you’re hosting the big day or playing a supportive role, these ideas just might turn into your new favorite traditions.

Thanksgiving means turkey in mass quantities for a lot of people. This makes no sense to us because June is National Turkey Lovers Month, but we digress.

Vegetarian friends, we see you and on this day we will not force you to make a meal of sad sides (green bean casserole, we’re looking at you). Instead, we’re serving up ahhhmazing Butternut Squash & Spinach Lasagna. Deliciously satisfying and gluten-free if you swap out the conventional pasta. Win!

As the host of this magnificent feast, it’s easy to lose track of your sanity. Accommodating to diet restrictions and preferences can be overwhelming. We recommend a stockpile of Silipints nearby, like the 18oz Bowls that can be used to bake and serve smaller portions of food.

 dishwasher-safe tableware

  • Vegetarian stuffing, gluten-free stuffing or cranberry-free stuffing
  • Vegetarian gravy or turkey gravy
  • Butternut squash or sweet potato with and without nuts
  • Miniature pies — because you get to eat the whole pie.

Whatever you’re feasting on, you’ll want something delicious to wash it down with. Might we suggest one of these delicious Moscow Mule recipes from Advanced Mixology? Classic, spicy, or sweet, there are refreshing ingredients for any style you’re looking for.

Nix the spiced rum when you mix and let the kids’ table join in on the libations. If you don’t have enough of those hipster copper mugs to go around (honestly, who does?) Silipint Wine Glasses or Half Pints in festive orange are a perfect stand-in. Secure Half Pints with a Silicone Lid (fits either size), you won’t think twice about kids running around the furniture with drinks in hand. And, they’re dishwasher safe so your clean-up crew will have one more thing to be thankful for.

Unbreakable wine glasses

We don’t know who started the trend of table settings overshadowing the actual feast, but if you’re spending all day cooking (and the day before shopping!), hyper-styled tablescapes are probably not high on your to-do list. Instead, create a beautiful, bountiful display with things you already have in the kitchen… since you’re in there anyway.

  • Hollow out a fat pumpkin, fill it with ice and you’ve got a “gourdgeous” way to chill wine.
  • Scoop the tops off some shiny apples, line them up on your table and a plop a tea light in each one. (Alternatively to apples, try any color of translucent Silipints as glowing place settings- the light is beautiful!)
  • Fill Mason jars (or obviously, translucent Silipints) with layers of fresh cranberries and popcorn kernels, then tie ribbon or raffia around the rim. Whatever, Pinterest.

One last thing.

We at Silipint love good snark but we also love being surrounded by great friends and family. So, before you slip into the fourth quarter food coma, we hope you’ll take a moment to give thanks for the little things. We’ll all be doing the same!


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