Go Green or Get Pinched This St. Patrick's Day




Everyone's a little bit Irish on St. Patrick's Day! This March 17, break out all the green beer (if you’re 21+) and get ready for a night full of shenanigans, festive food and all things Irish! 

Many of us maintain the same beloved traditions on St. Patrick's Day every year. We might bundle up our families and watch the local parade, hit the pub with friends, or catch an Irish dance performance. This year those traditions might not be able to take place, but there are still many St. Patrick's Day traditions that you can do right from home! Adding new ideas to your March 17 celebration can help bring renewed enjoyment to the day, and we've got you covered!  



Get ready to get your green on – with a limited-edition St Patrick’s Day Silipint! In the spirit of the holiday, we’re kicking things off with a selection of festive prints that are bound to sham-rock your world! Whether you’re Irish or not, you can drink your favorite green beer in festive style and have a fun memento to mark the day. Not to mention, Silipints are unbreakable drink ware - so there's no need to cry over spilt beer! We're also offering an extra special Sili-shot/pint combination design - aren't you lucky.

Make sure that if you're 21 or over and plan on drinking this holiday, you do so responsibly.

Get Your “Erin go Bragh!” On.

First of all, you can start your celebrations with a hearty, “Erin go Bragh,” which means "Ireland forever" in Gaelic. This traditional phrase can be used as a greeting, a cheer, or for cheers-ing!

Wear All the Green!

Unless you want to be on the pinch-patrol's bad side - you better be decked out in green on St. Patrick's Day! The 'Paddy' starts here - with a St. Paddys Silipint. Your celebratory ensemble would'y be complete without a signature, cheers-worthy Pint!


Try a New Recipes for Festive Food and Desserts. 

Foods like corned beef and cabbage rolls are a St. Paddy’s Day MUST! But rather than going to a restaurant, why not try making your favorite recipes at home. Or, if you're in need of inspiration, here is a list of green-inspired dishes! If your sweet tooth is calling - whether it's shamrock-shaped cookies, green cupcakes, or boozy St. Patrick's Day desserts, satisfy that sweet tooth this St. Paddy's Day with a selection of sweet, festive treats. 

Break Out the Green Beer! If your 21+

Even if you aren't heading out to a crowded pub this holiday, you can easily make yourself a green beer at home! The benefits are, of course, that you still get to participate in the festivities, and you get to choose the beer, so you know it will taste good. Green beer is easy to make, since it requires just two ingredients: beer and green food coloring.  

How to: 

It depends on how green you want your beer to be! Based on our own tests, we've found that one drop in a 12-ounce glass of beer will result in a very pale, lime-green color. Three drops will give you a solid shamrock color. And five drops results in a rich, pine-green shade. More than five drops shouldn’t be necessary. Cheers! 

What better than a St. Patrick’s Day printed Pint to hold that green beer! If you're celebrating from home, why not make it a celebration to remember - with one of our limited-edition St. Paddy Silipints. You’ll be sure to make anyone green, with envy! 



Kids Crafts and Fun Games! 

If you can’t take the kiddos to a St. Paddy parade, bring the festive fun to them! For a fun-filled afternoon with your kids, plan a crafty St. Patrick's Day. Put together one (or a few!) of the many St. Patrick's Day crafts to make some lasting memories with your family this March 17.  

Or plan some festive games! You can create a treasure hunt with gold coins or candies for the kiddos to hunt for. You could try an outdoor scavenger hunt – bonus points to the lucky one that finds the first clover!  Try out a pot-of-gold coin toss. See who can throw the most gold coins into a small, black pot of gold. If you have a leftover witch's cauldron from Halloween, you can reuse it now as your pot at the end of the rainbow.

See a Landmark Shrouded in Green.

Despite the lack of social festivities, the world is still bathed in green for St. Patrick's Day, thanks to Tourism Ireland’s 2020 Global Greening initiative. Hundreds of iconic landmarks and sites in over 50 countries participate - turning green in support. If you feel like venturing out of the house, you should see if there is one near you! Most famously, the Chicago River is dyed green every year for St. Patrick's Day. But there are other emerald landmarks that you can see, like the Empire State Building, Irish Parliament building, and even the 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign will all be lit up green. Even Niagara Falls gets doused for a verdant glow.


Sham-rock your Instagram feed! 

Of course, with an extra-lively celebration like St. Paddy's, there's always some magical moments to capture on camera — especially with all those festive St. Patrick's Day decorations and delicious Irish dessertsLucky for you, we've made a list of St. Patrick's Day inspired captions right here! 

  • Irish kisses and shamrock wishes. 
  • I pinch back.
  • Shamrocks and shenanigans for all.
  • Shamrockin’ this green outfit. 
  • We like to paddy. 
  • Irish you a lucky day. 
  • Who needs luck? I have charm. 
  • Green beer & St. Paddy's cheer. 
  • Wishing you a pot o' gold and all the joy your heart can hold. 
  • What a brew-tiful view. 
  • Irish you were here. 
  • If you’re not wearing green today, leaf me alone. 
  • The paddy don't start 'till I walk in. 
  • It's not easy being green. 
  • Take a pitcher, it'll last longer. 
  • You don't need luck when you have friends like these.
  • Lucky in love is lucky enough.



What would look more picture perfect than a St. Paddy's Day Silipint in all your cheers-worthy pics! Not to mention, if you plan on dipping in to the green beer, Silipint products are unbreakable – a handy feature when brews are involved. Say goodbye to broken glass and say hello to carefree fun! 

We hope you all have a festive St. Patrick’s Day – no matter how you plan on celebrating! Tag @silipint in all of your festive best! Let’s all say it together – ERIN GO BRAGH! 


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