How to be Green in the Kitchen: Simple Lifehacks





It’s almost that time of year again when the morning air is just a little colder and you’d rather spend a few extra minutes inside. If you find yourself cozying up on the couch and looking around for ideas to declutter, take a glance at this first! Before you banish seemingly one-use kitchen gadgets to the charity donation bin, may we suggest some alternative uses that may make them your new best friends?



Ice Cube Trays

Ice makers make ice. Ice cube trays make life easy. Freeze individual portions of pesto, pasta sauce, lemon juice, leftover wine (yeah, like that ever happens) and toss cubes in your cooking as needed. If you insist on using your trays to make, you know, ice, give the cubes an upgrade with fresh mint, lemon slices, even edible flowers. Your fireside drinks will look oh so fancy especially when served in your favorite Silipint Tumbler.

Ketchup Bottles

Chefs love squeeze bottles for two reasons; perfect portion control and perfect control over portions. Our favorite is the plastic ketchup bottle. Clean it well, fill with pancake batter and create perfect flapjacks your family will flip for. Extra credit for filling your griddle with fun designs, sizes, and shapes.


Raise your hand if you love corn on the cob! Raise your hand if you love prepping it. That’s what we thought. Got a spare (clean and new, please!) toothbrush lying around? Give it a home in your kitchen as the world’s best corn de-silker. Like that tip? Aw shucks, it was nothing.

Water bottles

We understand, you were in a rush and left your Silipint on the counter. We don’t expect you to dehydrate. It’s okay if you bought a bottle of water! Just be sure to give it a new purpose afterward by using it to separate your eggs. Here’s how: Crack an egg into a bowl or shallow dish. Gently squeeze the water bottle, invert it over the yolk, and release. The suction draws the yolk into the bottle, leaving you with a perfect egg white, not to mention a pretty cool kitchen trick.

Drinking straws

If you haven’t hopped on the Silistraw bandwagon, please see our previous blog post. But, don’t throw away the plastic straws you have left lying around. Finish up shortcake season with perfectly hulled strawberries! Just push the straw through the bottom of the berry and up until the stem pops off. No fuss, no muss, no need for yet another one use gadget in your drawer.



Egg Slicers

Speaking of shortcake, the only thing kids love more than desser is helping make dessert! Cue the egg slicer! Insert berry, press down and presto! Perfect slices every time, in a fraction of the time and everyone keeps all their fingers! If you’re daring, pass the whipped cream to the kids and let them top off everyone’s desserts! **Silipint is not responsible for any whipped cream that ends up on your walls.

Can Openers

Big box stores, your anger-inducing perplexing plastic packaging is no match for this kitchen workhorse. Clamp the opener down on one corner, turn the crank until you’ve gone all the way around the perimeter, and your multi-packs of school supplies will be free at last!

Muffin Tins

Ovens don’t get much action in the summer, which means your muffin tins probably won’t see the light of day for months. But, those six or twelve little pockets are perfect for portioning out condiments at your next barbeque, and so much less messy than a bunch of open jars with goopy knives stuck in them. Later, as everyone cozies up by the firepit, offer up scoops of ice cream along with muffin tins filled with a mind-blowing number of toppings and sprinkles and you’ll be the hero of the night!


‘Pint’ is right in the name, so you might only view your Silipint as a cup. If so, you are missing out on a world of versatility. These bad boys are just as happy in the freezer or the oven as in your hand. Freeze perfect big ice cubes for your next whiskey nightcap, bake individual cupcakes, pop a lid on and use them as cocktail shakers or top off your leftover wine with a SiliShot as a lid.




It’s getting darker earlier, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. There’s nothing quite like layering on some warm clothes and hanging out on the porch with a warm cocktail in hand. If you thought we were going to talk about stargazing next, you’re right! Keep the lighting low by placing little battery-operated tea lights in your colander to light up your patio just enough.



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