How To Do Mother’s Day Right




Mothers’ Day is a time to celebrate the moms in your life. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your mom, you need to think about how much you like your mom. I mean, sure, she raised you and changed your diapers and put up with your teenage tantrums, but brunch and a bouquet of flowers are expensive. Then, you’ve also got to be thinking of Mother Earth and you’ve got a real project on your hands.




Fortunately, we’ve got some creative ideas to help break the monotony of Mothers’ Day gift giving (as long as your mom has a sense of humor)!

A Massage

A massage would be a great gift for Mom. But is Dad in the picture? If he’s not (sorry, Dad!), you could spice that gift up.

  • Bell Pepper Spice level:
    Russian massage
  • Jalapeno Spice level:
    Underwater Massage
  • Ghost Pepper Spice level:
    Don Juan massage

An Experience

What’s the most eco-friendly thing you can possibly give? Something that’s not a ‘thing’ at all! Giving an experience means your gift comes with an irreplaceable extra: time and memories. Great examples of experiences you can give to moms in your neighborhood and far away:

Add extra points to any of these and join Mom in her special experience, whether you’re learning to cook Italian, awkward dancing at a night club or watching the symphony.





Make a Donation in Her Name

Supporting a charitable organization is a terrific way to honor your mom. Or your husband’s mom, because if you’re a married woman reading this, you know you’re buying her gift, too. Here are some options for terrific non-profits:

  • American National Cattlewomen
    This organization supports “women who share a passion for the U.S. beef industry”. And we know your mom loves beef.
  • The Naked Clown Fund
    Support research into multiple sclerosis and get a calendar full of naked clowns. For real.
  • Monkey Helpers
    It’s not just a joke from The Simpsons, this genuine non-profit trains monkeys to help improve the quality of life for the disabled, which is pretty rad.


If your mom gets around (and we bet she does!), Silipints are a perfect companion for anyone who’s busy with a variety of obligations.




Silipints are flexible cups that come in a variety of sizes and colors. They’re the perfect multi-use container, which keeps single-use options out of the landfill. From a morning latte to a picnic in the park to a sippy cup for the kids, these heat- and cold-resistant workhorses fits the bill for mom’s needs all day and night, tea time to margarita time.

How often can you give a gift that can hold hot soup for lunch, bake a cupcake in the oven, keep your beverage cold, dig a hole in her garden and save the Earth?!


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