How to Make Wine the Perfect Summer Beverage




While beers and ciders may be having a moment, there’s just something about a glass of wine. Add the patio and summer temperatures and you’ve got yourself a Saturday evening. Also, a Tuesday evening, or really any other evening. Sometimes, wine is just the perfect drink.

When a toast is proposed, raising a glass and saying “here’s to staying positive and testing negative!” with a dry pear cider just doesn’t feel the same as winey, wine, wine. However, wine comes with one important problem. Well, two problems. Problem 1: people who ruin wine by being super snobby about it. Problem 2: glassware on the go. Something perched on top of a stem is begging to be knocked over or broken, especially toward the bottom of that delicious bottle.

Fortunately, Silipint has got your back!




Our wine glasses honor the noble grape while also resisting the breakage that can go along with wine glasses on the patio, the boat, and a picnic. Their virtually indestructible character can also withstand the dishwasher, which means you’re one big step ahead at the end of the night without any handwashing to do with your crystal.

We’re people who like to take things up a notch. In fact, we occasionally skip notches in our pursuit of notch-taking-up, and we consider our most recent product a perfect example of this extreme notch elevation. The Silipint Silicone Lid. Think this little baby doesn’t affect you? Think again. It’s been designed to not only fit our trusted and original pint cup, but it will also cover your wine cup. Literally. Yes, friend, you are correct if you just realized that we created a WINE SIPPY CUP FOR GROWN-UPS.




Making a big gesture during your signature story? Your wine’s not sloshing up the side of your wine glass. Get bumped mixing and mingling at the big soiree? You did not just dump cabernet down your white dress. Leave your wine cup where the big dog could sweep it off the table with his big waggy tail? No loss for you with a sealable cup saving the contents you savor.

Want your guests to be able to tell their cups apart? No more ridiculous charms on their cups: just give them each a different color! Need to save your extra special bottle that still has a couple glasses left at the end of the night? Top it with a Silishot cup to keep it airtight for the next night.

Sharing a bottle is special. When you’re picturing a romantic picnic, you don’t picture a loaf of white bread and you don’t picture a couple of cans of beer. You’re thinking baguette and a bottle of wine. Pack up your Sili wine cups, a bottle, and your favorite picnic buddy and hit the road for romantic adventure on the go!






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