Sili Philosophies to Help You Achieve More

As we reflect and resolve the changing of years, we’re thinking big picture and reaching for starlit goals. At Silipint, we believe “life is better sili” but it’s not about having our product in your hand, instead the idea that anything is possible.

A Sili Life is a choice. It’s the decision to break the mold and do the unexpected, to pursue passions, and do it with kindness and humility. Living a Sili Life means you value being different, and you seek out having fun. If you care about how you live and the positive impact you make on the people and world around you, the intrinsic benefits derived from this approach are the Sili Life.

Grounded in this philosophy, we’re going to conquer 2018 with humor, adventure, and humility, and we’d love to have you take part. Whatever your goals, think about if choosing a Sili Life can help, and with these three basic principles explained in more depth, consider adopting.

Choose Sili

Take time to discover your passions and then set goals. When you care about what you’re doing, the natural direction will be towards innovation. It takes intention and a great attitude to achieve success. The changes and transformations you make in that pursuit will create the breakthroughs you’re after.


Along the journey, if something starts to go down a path you didn’t expect, don’t panic, just think differently. When you experience a day of defeat, remember that it’s only one day and it’s a learning opportunity. To lift your spirits, discover a niche you enjoy, like mountain biking or rock climbing, and utilize those active times to reflect on bad days, brainstorm new ideas, and do something fun for yourself.


Be Kind

It is not by a random incident that kindness is at the core of our business and in each individual at Silipint. It’s not a buzzword just meant for kids or marketing, it’s the essence of our habits and interactions.

Always try to turn negative energy into something positive. The costs of being compassionate and helpful are far less than the great value in how your acts of kindness can help another being. Don’t be shy, find a way to show you care about something and it will catapult you towards personal success and a better world.



Live Out Loud

This main idea in our mission at Silipint is to always aim to be different. Living out loud means beating to your own drum. The way others do things may be great, but it’s their way, and finding your own unique path, (albeit time-consuming and exhausting) makes all the difference in being truly authentic.



Going against the grain certainly makes life more interesting and in the end, is what you’ll be known for. Turn up the volume on your own ambitions, expressions and by all means, create your own way.

If reading this post inspired or connected with you in some way, please reach out. We would love to share your idea of what a Sili Life is to you and encourage any progress you’re making. You could win Resolution Rewards at random for sharing your Sili Life resolutions or progress photos with us on Instagram. Just follow and tag @Silipint and use #Silipint.


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