Silipint has 2024 HANDLED

Welcome to the future of unbreakable, versatile drinkware – Silipint has 2024 HANDLED, with the ALL-NEW Handled Collection. COMING SOON to the Silipint line up:  the 32 oz Humbler, 16 oz Coffee Mug, and the 28 oz Beer Stein. These new cups combine the signature durability of Silipint's high-quality silicone with the convenience of sturdy, solid-grip handles now on your favorite drinkware. These exciting new cups can go anywhere and hold anything, are non-toxic and infinitely reusable. Now available in fan-favorite colors along with an array of new, bright, fun colors that will highlight your personality! 

Humbler: Sip, Flip, and Go!

Introducing the star of the Handled Collection - the Humbler. It's not just a tumbler; it's a tumbler with a handle, designed to elevate your on-the-go experiences. Whether you're hustling through school drop-offs, breaking a sweat at the gym, or staying refreshed at work, the ergonomic handle ensures a secure grip in every situation.

Crafted from 100% food-grade silicone, the Humbler is your assurance of unbreakable durability. Unlike traditional stainless steel or glass options, this 32 oz straw tumbler won't scratch, dent, fade, or shatter – providing a worry-free companion for your daily adventures.

The Humbler's new flip lid design takes convenience to the next level. Seal the deal and bid farewell to spills during your bustling daily routines. And the best part? It's dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe, making hydration as easy as it should be.

Upgrade your hydration game with the Humbler – where hassle-free meets quality. Embrace the definition of on-the-go style and functionality with Silipint's innovative addition to the Handled Collection. Because your daily adventures deserve a tumbler that handles it all!

Coffee Mug: Brewing Perfection in Your Hands!

Rise and shine with Silipint's 16 oz Coffee Mug, the perfect blend of style and functionality. Enjoy your favorite Java with the cozy grip and heat-resistant texture of this innovative mug. 

Made from unbreakable, super-usable silicone, this handled mug is a game-changer for your daily coffee rituals. Not only is it a breeze to clean, but it's also dishwasher safe and microwave friendly. So, even on your most chaotic days, when your coffee cools quicker than expected, Silipint ensures your caffeine fix is just moments away.

For those on-the-go coffee enthusiasts, the optional flip lid transforms your coffee mug into a mess-free companion for your commute. Sip away as you navigate through your day with ease. 

This silicone coffee mug goes beyond being a mere cup; it's your on-the-move caffeine companion, tailored to meet the cravings of coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the comforting feel of a handled cup. Elevate your coffee routine with Silipint’s New 16 oz Coffee Mug – because every sip deserves to be savored in style!

Beer Stein: Cheers to Unbreakable Bliss!

Introducing the Beer Stein, a 28 oz masterpiece of pure beer-drinking perfection. With a solid, firm handle for the perfect grip, this beer stein will redefine you beer-drinking ritual. 

Constructed from 100% food-grade silicone, it's practically indestructible – no breaking, scratching, denting, fading, or shattering here. Tailored after the traditional beer stein, this Silipint creation adds a fresh twist to your drinking routine. 

Choose from a variety of colors and patterns, ensuring you’ll be the toast of the pub circuit! Whether you're tailgating, celebrating with rowdy friends, or simply savoring your favorite brew in the garage, the Beer Stein adds a touch of style to your beer-drinking experience.


And fear not, the Beer Stein is not only a joy to drink from but also a breeze to clean. With dishwasher-safe convenience, you can focus on what truly matters – enjoying your favorite brew in the company of good friends and great times.

Raise your glass to Silipint's 28 oz Beer Stein – where durability meets style, and every sip is a celebration!

Branding Options

Silipint has truly outdone itself with the Handled Collection. Not only are they handled, but they are available for personalization and customization. Whether you are a business wanting to promote your brand, giveaway to clients or gift to your employees; newly engaged and want a fun favor at your wedding or bachelor/bachelorette party or anything in between Silipint can put your personalized message or customized logo on it. We use a silicone based-ink that is screen printed onto our products and sealed with heat making it last as long as the cup!

Whether you're hydrating on the move, sipping on your morning coffee, or raising a glass with friends, Silipint has your sipping experience handled in 2024. Upgrade your drinkware game with the new Handled Collection from Silipint – the perfect grip, for the perfect sip! Coming February 2024 . . . 


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