Take Your Car Camping Game to the Next Level





We enthusiastically raise a Silipint to those of you who make an effort to camp year-round, or darn close to it. With all of that camping in mind, it’s time to start thinking about making camping even more fun and even easier because who doesn’t like fun and easy?




These tips are mostly tailored to car camping for less than a week. The main focus here is saving three things: time, the number of dishes you have to do and the amount of trash you’re generating at your campsite.

Multi-Functional is Key

If you’re taking something camping, it should be a necessity and if it can serve more than one purpose, all the better. Silipints are the perfect addition to your camp gear. Silipint drinkware and tablewear are versatile, unbreakable and super easy to clean. Simply rinse out your Silipint and wipe clean, stuck on messes are a thing of the past.

  • Melt butter over the campfire in the compact 8oz Half Pint (just not in direct flame)
  • Use your flexible silicone pint glass as a hot pad to securely grab pot handles
  • Tolerate boiling water for tea or hot cocoa and insulate it to keep it warm (while still working as a hand warmer!).
  • Keep your cold beverage of choice temperature stable
  • You’ll never lose your drink or spill the dog water with the Glow-in-the Dark Pints and Dog Bowls
  • Increase the lighting with a flashlight or battery operated tea lights placed inside of a Translucent 16oz Pint.
  • Serve as a wildflower vase for your centerpiece
  • The sturdy 18oz Squeeze-a-Bowl can be used for every meal, from dawn ’til dusk




Storage Savers

It’s important to think about your storage options while car camping. You’re most likely going to need to trim down and consolidate your packing lists. If you have the ability to explore additional storage options, you can make your next car camping trip a little more luxurious. 

Large dry bags are great because you can strap them to the top of your car with or without roof racks. You could purchase a few of them and use a color-coding system to stay organized about what’s inside the bags while you’re traveling. This Keeper Bag on Amazon is slightly less expensive than some other brands and works nicely as a rooftop bag. 

If you have a hitch, a cargo carrier rack is an excellent option for adding storage space. You can fit your cooler, larger dry bags, perhaps your stove or grill and more. It’ll save you space on the drive and at your campsite. 




A Little Pre-Prep Will Save the Day

Our next piece of advice is to prep the challenging stuff ahead of time. Take bacon as an example. Cooking bacon is a pain in the rump because it generates a ton of grease that’s difficult to dispose of and makes dishes harder to wash, but camping without bacon means you’re not actually camping.

How are you supposed to wake up in the morning without some stiff coffee and a rasher of bacon? We suggest you cook your bacon ahead of time and throw it in the pan to warm up after you’ve cooked the eggs.

Speaking of eggs, if you plan to scramble them, give yourself a huge break (so to speak) and crack them all ahead of time at home. Transport them securely in a quart jar and you’ve saved yourself the hassle and cooler space of traveling with fragile eggs. Just pierce the yolks ahead of time and you can shake the bottle really well to make sure they’re scrambled. 

Simple Food Favorites

Our favorite car camping accessory: silicone bowls!

The 18oz Squeeze-a-Bowl makes a whirlwind of difference when it comes to efficient tableware for camping. They easily wipe clean, they’re sturdy and are heat-safe, making them awesome to cook with. With these silicone bowls packed, food prep will be easy for your car camping adventures.  

Breakfast food is simple to prepare for when your car camping with Silipints. Bring oatmeal and add to your silicone bowl with boiling water. There is minimal heat transfer with Silipints, so you won’t burn your hands! Or, premake yogurt parfaits in a 16oz Pint with granola and fruit and top the cup with a Lid XL for a snug fit that is resistant to spills. 

When you’re deciding what food to bring on your trip for lunch and dinner, don’t let veggies, eggs and meat go bad while you’re gone. Mix up a quick “cupboard stirfry” with foods you already have and store it in Stasher bags for mess-free transportation in the cooler. When you’re ready to eat, just pour a portion into your heat-safe 18oz silicone bowl and heat it up on your camp stove (just away from direct flames). 





To sum it up, it’s easy to meal prep and can make a big difference. Less work at the campsite means more time for relaxing, hiking, exploring, canoeing or whatever it is that brings you and yours into the wilderness.


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