The Eco Side of Sili

Bend, Oregon is known as a place for people who love the outdoors. Kayaking, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing…people in Central Oregon love to get out on the rivers, in the woods and into the mountains.

It’s no coincidence that Silipints were born in a place with such a strong focus on shredding, pursuing powder, pinning turns and red-pointing. After all, if you love the outdoors and the environment, a Silipint is a great way to show that love. Add the fact that Bend also loves beer … well, it was bound to work out.

Silipints are about as eco-conscious as you can get. The ultimate multiuse containers, once you fall in love with your Silipint and begin carrying it with you daily, you’ll keep a whole lot of plastic, paper and Styrofoam containers out of the waste stream, from your morning coffee to your happy hour with friends.

Around the Silipint world headquarters, you’ll see employees using Silipints all the time in their natural habitat. Sampling the neighboring business’ brewed products, getting their morning coffee, giving the office dogs water, heating their lunches and giving tasting notes on John’s most recent home brew, they’re a perfect example of using one product a lot of ways.

It’s not just preventing garbage from entering the waste stream that makes Silipints a great environmentally-friendly choice; it’s also the dreamy, grippy, flexible material: silicone. Not the valley in California (that’s missing an ‘e’) or exploding implants (that’s a whole other thing)- silicone. Made from materials that exist in abundance – the same materials that make up a huge percentage of the earth’s crust- simply, sand. Also called silica.

It’s a fact- silicone isn’t made from limited resources like petroleum or metals that need to be drilled out of the ground to make plastic cups and metal containers. And, unlike all other drinkware materials, it’ll last virtually forever, withstanding freezing, campfires, microwaves, ovens, nasty breakups and tumbles off the car roof along the way.

Here are some quick stats on just how Earth-friendly Silipints are:

  • BPA-free
  • Chemically inert and stable
  • Recyclable (not curbside, but able to be broken down and made again)
  • Long-lasting and sturdy

And what they aren’t:

  • Silipints don’t react with or leach into food
  • Silicone doesn’t outgas vapors, even at high temperatures
  • Silicone isn’t toxic to soil or organic organisms
  • Silicone does not support microbiological growth

So, if you’re a fun-loving, adventure-having, Earth-loving day-seizer, Silipints are the companion you’ve been looking for.


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