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The stockings were hung by the chimney with care - so that you might put some lovely things in there. Silipint gifts are more than a cup or a bowl - they are the gift of adventure, of the roads less traveled, and comfort wherever you are. 

Not only are Silipint products unbreakable and eco-friendly, but they also bring a bit of color and fun to people's lives. Whether your giftee is young or old, a trailblazer or toddler tamer, a mountain climber, or a paperback novel crusher, they will adore these stocking stuffer ideas. 

For the person who loves adventuring.  

This person is a doer, be it hiking, biking, camping, or kayaking, and as much as they love the outdoors, they also love their gear. The perfect stocking stuffer gift is one that makes their time in the great outdoors even greater!  

Limited Edition 22oz Tumbler: Our 22oz Tumblers are supersized for those extra-active days, big hikes, or outdoor adventures. This Tumbler is perfect for summertime river floats, aprés ski hot chocolates, or energy-packed smoothies. This Limited Edition tie dye is one-of-a-kind and will make for a jaw-dropping stocking stuffer.

A pocket-size travel blanket is perfect for view-worthy moments anywhere. This blanket is made of waterproof material suitable for an impromptu picnic on the beach, in the rain, or atop the summit.

22oz Tumbler Gift

For the person always on the go! 

Slow and steady is not in their vocabulary. Whether they're on the road less traveled or their daily commute, crushing errands or onto their next social gathering - this person is always on the go. The perfect gift is one that adds to their all-day grind. 

Silipint + Travel Lid + Straw: Our silicone pints are more than a rugged alternative to the beer glass. From the patio to the office place, these versatile drinking glasses are as flexible in shape as they are in utility. The over the top travel lid has a convenient straw hole for cold drinks and a push/pull tab to assist with hot drinks and spill-resistance. 

The immune booster bundle from Tonic is perfect for those who don't have time for a cold. This bundle contains top immune boosting products, such as Collagen Probiotic powder and Reishi Powder.


On-the-go stocking stuffer ideas

For the person who loves relaxing. 

You will find this friend cozy by a campfire, relaxing with a good book, and they are always ready for a meaningful chat. This person is all about simple pleasures and savoring moments. The perfect gift is one that adds to those endeavors.

Custom Holiday Pint Glasses: The perfect collection for cozy pursuits, these limited edition Silipint cups are fun, festive and will bring a smile to anyone as they uncover these stocking stuffers. Prepare hot cocoa or delicious coffee to enjoy from their new Silipint after receiving.

Chilling stones will keep their drink 'on-the-rocks' cold without any dilution, which traditionally happens when ice cubes melt in your glass. Your loved ones who cherish relaxation can savor their fireside cocktail till the embers are all that's left, without ruining their drink.


sweater collection

For wine lovers, enough said. 

Whether they are a classy connoisseur or a Wine-Wednesday fanatic, you know this person has grape-taste. True wine lovers know that they are as loyal to their favorite wine glass as they are to their favorite vino. The perfect gift is one that can be their new partner in wine

Silipint 14oz Wine Glass: the day you drop your favorite wine glass - your heart breaks a little, just like your glass. Help your wine-loving friend kick broken glass heartbreak to the curb with unbreakable silicone wine glasses. 

“If you can read this, bring me more wine” Non-Slip Socks are the perfect, insta-worthy gift for the wine lover in your life. One downfall to wearing cozy winter socks is that they slip and slide on hard surfaces. Not only are these socks a hilarious and adorable gift, but their no-slip grip will keep you from spilling any sips. 


Unbreakable Wine Glasses

For the person who loves entertaining. 

"If you're not first, your last" is this entertainer's motto. This person is the perpetual hostess-with-the-mostest and wouldn't change a thing, but how do you shop for the host that has it all? The perfect gift is one that adds to their event hosting arsenal.

Silipint 5.5oz Tasters: Whether they are looking to serve a flight of small desserts or a variety of beers, wines, or cocktails, our Tasters were created for unlimited sampling with friends. With a set of Silipint Tasters, your entertainer friend will be the toast of the town.

Mood Soapworks has an amazing line of aromatic, statement making hand soaps that would delight any entertainer that values attention to detail. Not only are they gorgeous and vegan made, 5% of every sale goes to environmental protection organizations.


Taster bar gift set

For your loved ones, near and far.

In light of social distancing, some of your nearest and dearest might not be able to make it to your holiday celebration. But they can still join in on the festivities—virtually. Set a Zoom call with those who can't make it. Help them join in on the stocking stuffer fun by ordering Silipint Product Sets. Or, a new festive Holiday Pint for everyone on your list. 

Our Silipint Sets include 16oz Pints, 8oz Half-Pints, Squeeze-a-Bowls, and Silipint accessories, so there are enough options for the whole family! Include a few drink or food recipes, that are easy for everyone to follow, and enjoy together! 

We hope you enjoyed our Sili-stocking stuffers guide and are inspired by a few to try out this year! Tag @Silipint in any of your holiday insta-posts so we can share!


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