The Ultimate Silicone Travel Lid Has Arrived





Are You Ready to Flip Your Lid? In the category of necessary first world objects, cup lids rank pretty high. Think about it… The dreadful spill of hot coffee down your newly laundered shirt and drive-through drinks draining onto your kiddo’s car seat are not awesome.





But you know what else is not awesome? The 1.5 billion (yes, with a B) plastic drink lids that get used and tossed every single year in the United States alone. Sure, they cover up what fills up your cup, but they also fill up our landfills pretty darn quick. So what to do about this cup cover conundrum?

Drum roll…

Introducing Silipint Silicone Travel Lid! Made from the same BPA-free, FDA-approved silicone you’ve come to know and love with all Silipint products, Silipint Silicone Lids are packed with thoughtful features that make it easy to kick the disposable lid habit for good.

A locking, leak-proof sip hole keeps your favorite beverage where it belongs. Straw-lovers? Got you covered with an opening just right for your favorite straw (we’re sure it’s a SiliStraw). The Silicone Travel Lid comes in three colors to complement your Silipint collection so you can sip in style. And, of course, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. Best of all, the Silipint Lid has been ingeniously designed to fit super snug and secure on THREE different Silipint sizes:

  • 22 oz Bomber – Extra beverage, extra ice, hold the spillage!
  • 16 oz Pint – Because it’s a Silipint, not a Spilipint. Silly.
  • 8 oz Half Pint – It’s all about choice, right kids? Whether you use the sip hole or a straw, sippy cups just got a whole lot cooler.




Speaking of cool, Silipint Silicone Travel Lids have amazing insulating properties, so drinks stay frosty cold or piping hot for hours. Silicone-on-silicone friction means a super strong seal you can count on, and a handy little pull tab on top means you can easily remove the Silicone Travel Lid without a tug of war ending in a beverage bath. And while we can’t vouch for its aerodynamic properties, we’ve heard that in a pinch it makes for a decent frisbee stand-in.

Grab your Silicone Travel Lid, then get out there and run, boat, bike, paddle, dance and drink with eco-friendly, spill-free abandon. We’ve got you covered!


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