Tips for a Scary, Spooky & Sili Halloween Party




We love this time of year for so many reasons. From leaves crunching beneath our feet to the creative pumpkin carvings around the neighborhood, we are taking in all things fall! One of our favorite things about the season is attending overzealous Halloween festivities. So, let’s plan and prep for a howling good time at your Halloween party. These tips are sure to make your Halloween party a smash!



Party Potions & Spirits in Your Silipints.

What’s a party without festive beverages? For Halloween, it’s all about the special effects! Start off your party with your guests choosing their favorite reusable Silipint. If you want, provide water-based chalk markers for your friends to decorate their silicone cups with spooky designs so they can keep track of their own unique cup. 

Obviously, Bloody Marys would be an excellent choice for your Halloween party. However, there are many more creative ideas that you could help take your party potion to the next level. We’re talking spooky dry ice, dripping vampire bites & potent purple potions. 

Check out these 25 BOO-zy Halloween Cocktails from Brit + Co. Most of these can easily be turned into non-alcoholic concoctions too! If all of these cocktails sound like too much work, here are a few simple ideas.

  • Make a batch of red punch. Fill rubber gloves with water and freeze them. When your party begins, peel off the gloves and throw these “hand-cubes” into your punch bowl!
  • Spider Cider is about as easy as it sounds. Put out a pitcher of cider and place decorative spiders all around the table.
  • Want SUPER simple? Have an assortment of beers. Pumpkin beers are very festive. Porters have an eerie to look them. Either way, your guests will be happy

Be sure to use unbreakable Silipint drinkware for your Halloween party. When your ultra-scary mummy decor pops out of a closet and terrifies your guests, there won’t be any broken glass to clean up!



Ghoul Games for Your Halloween Party

This first game is a classic. It has been done many times, so the challenge for you as a host will be to get creative with your food choices. Here are a few suggestions to start.  We’re putting our own sili-scary twist on it though. 

Blasphemy in a Bowl: Fill up your Squeeze-a-Bowls with cringe-worthy foods. When we say “cringe”, we’re talking the most unpleasantly textured foods you can think of. You’ll line up the silicone bowls under boxes with a small hole for your guests to slip their hands in and feel the contents. Guests will try to figure out what is in the bowl as well as what body part you’re trying to mimic.

A Bleeding Heart: Blanched, peeled tomatoes make an excellent heart. If possible, nuke it for 15 seconds before the players get to feel it!

Misplaced Eyeballs: Peeled grapes are a great substitute for gooey eyeballs.

Zombie FingersGherkin pickles with pistachio shells stuff in the ends. 

Gooey Guts: Cooked sausage links layered with oil.

Unraveling Mummy: OK, the last box will be a true test for your friends. Under this box, you’ll recreate an entire face of an unraveled mummy!

  1. Start with a cantaloupe and cut holes for the eyes, nose and mouth.
  2. Layer it with a softly cooked tortilla and cut out the same holes.
  3. Brush a thin layer of oil onto the tortilla.
  4. Brush another thing layer of glue on top of the “head” and place husked corn silk to represent the hair.
  5. Place a dried apricot in the mouth for the tongue and superglue a couple of uncooked corn kernels for a sparse set of teeth.
  6. Line the concave nose with peanut shells to represent the boney nasal cavity.



      Sili Scavenger Hunt: Hide Glow-in-the-Dark Silishot Glasses around your house or property, leading up to a grand prize at the finish. Inside each shot glass, you can leave the next clue. In the end, reward the winning team with a Halloween starter kit filled with candy, classic scary movies, popcorn, a set of unbreakable Glow-in-the-Dark Green Silipints & our Tangerine silicone bowls, perfect for movie snacks!

      Glow-in-the-Dark Beer Pong: Bring your A-game for this lights-out version of beer pong! Glow Green Silipints are perfect for the game and be sure to grab glow-in-the-dark ping pong balls. Throw in a little fog machine to amp up the challenge

      Kid-Friendly Crafts: If there are little ones running around, you maybe need to tone down the scare factor. There are plenty of crafts for kids to participate in that won’t them nightmares.

      • Pumpkin painting is number one on the list! What’s cuter than mini-humans painting mini pumpkins?! For kids that are a little older and can be trusted with a pumpkin carving kit, have a competition for the scariest and the silliest pumpkin designs.
      • Create spooky designs on their Silipints. Grab a set of frosted white unbreakable Half Pints & a set of colorful, water-based chalk markers. The water-based chalk markers are easy to wash off, but the kids will enjoy drawing their own designs on their Silipints for the party. We recommend testing your chalk pens on the bottom of the Silipints first to be sure the brand will wash off easily. Some can leave a lasting mark!

      Spooky Halloween Snacks

      Your guests will come for the Halloween decor but they’ll stay for the food. There are so many fun ideas for creating a table of spooky snacks.  

      Hungry Skeleton:

      One very simple idea is to find a couple of skeletons that are about 12 inches long to lay on a serving plate. Stuff the “belly” of the skeleton with various meats like pepperoni, prosciutto, etc. Then layer the outside of the plate with cheese and crackers!

      Mummy Wraps:

      This is another easy idea that can be used for just about any type of snack. Wrap strips of dough around cocktail weenies and jalapeno poppers. Or, get a tad fancier and wrap strips of dough around brie! Use black olives for eyes and you’ve got yourself a plate of assorted mummies!

      Pukey Pumpkins:

      Ok – it doesn’t sound appealing, but it’s a really cute addition to your festive snack table. Grab a few of our BPA free bowls in Tough Tangerine to match the baby pumpkins. Make a few easy dips to scatter throughout the table. Check out this photo that captures how cool this can look!
      Ghostly Berries:
      This is a sweet treat for your party. Put some marshmallow fluff in our microwave-safe silicone bowls and nuke for about 5 seconds. Dip strawberries into the fluff, enough to coat most of the berry. Add two chocolate chips for eyes and voila! You’ve got yourself a berry delicious dessert.

      Have a Safe & Happy Halloween

      We hope your party becomes an annual must for your friends to attend. Every year, you’ll find yourself increasing the scare factor with hair-raising decorations, creative snacks and more! But, above all, we hope your Halloween is fun and safe. 


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