Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in 2020



'Tis the season for gratitude, giving, and gorging yourself on turkey. This year's festivities are bound to look a little different in light of the ongoing pandemic. Instead of a packed house, you might be entertaining your immediate family members (yes, the ones you've been cooped up with for the past nine months) or you may be skipping your oldest traditions altogether. 

Ahead, we've compiled a list of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions, besides eating mashed potatoes, stuffing, and all the decadent desserts, that is! Whether you're celebrating Thanksgiving with friends, as a family, or as a couple - there are plenty of ways to make your 2020 Thanksgiving feel just as festive and special as ever.  


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The easiest way to make it feel like the holidays is to decorate! Even if your celebration has been scaled back this year, that doesn't mean your decorating needs to be. Forget the store-bought decorations - DIY festive touches can be a tradition all on its own!

  • Make your own wreaths and centerpieces. Head outside with a pair of shears to collect tree branches, leaves, berry stems, flowers and pine cones. 
  • Make fall candle arrangements. Try using apples as tea-light place holders by cutting a little resting spot out of the top of each apple. 
  • Create a "gourdgeous" way to chill wine on the big day. Hollow out a large pumpkin and fill it with ice before your guests arrive. Serve wine in easy-to-wash unbreakable Silipint Wine Glasses.
  • Turn a 5.5oz Silipint Taster into a place setting your guest can take home. Fill this reusable cup with candied cranberries or another festive after dinner snack. Place one near each name card and then use ribbon to tie a bow on it. Voila, a simple party favor that guests can take home and enjoy.
  • If your kiddos want to help out, they have their own (crucially important) turkey-day prep. They are in charge of making handprint turkeys and other decorative crafts. This will keep the kids occupied and make a cute keepsake for years to come. 

As the host, juggling cooking, cleaning, and family chatter - you might lose track of your sanity along the way. Whether the celebration is big or small, it’s best to go in with a game plan of T-Day activities. 

  • The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Sure, it might look different, but the show must go on. This year it will be held virtually, but you'll definitely want to tune in to this once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully) experience.  
  • Set up a Turkey Day scavenger hunt. Little ones love to celebrate all day long - an outdoor game is a perfect way to get them off the sofa (and out of the kitchen). Plan a festive, scavenger hunt with prizes to keep them entertained until turkey time. 
  • Hold a virtual happy hour. In light of social distancing, some of your nearest and dearest might not be able to make it to the celebration. They can still join in on the festivities—virtually. Set a Zoom call with those who can't make it. Play card games, swap recipes, and make it feel like they're right there with you!
    • Pro-tip: order matching Silipint Cups for everyone and send one to those that can't attend. Choose from the festive holiday collection for a limited edition surprise your friends and family won't see coming! When they see everyone matching, over your Zoom call, they will feel so happy to be included. Suggest a recipe that's easy for everyone to follow, too!  

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    Much like the driver of a long road trip being asked 'Are we there yet?' - questions like 'Is the food ready yet?' can set a holiday host on edge. Since turning the car around is simply not an option on Turkey Day, keep the masses at bay with these tasty tricks.

    • Appetizers. The best way to feel festive all day long is to start with fall-tastic appetizers. Here’s a list of Good Housekeeping's best fall recipes. Accommodating diet restrictions, COVID rules, and personal preferences can be overwhelming. We recommend our 18oz Squeeze-a-Bowls which can be used to bake in and serve smaller, individual portions of food.  
    • Set out a Bloody Mary bar. Guests can make their own brunch classic in their favorite Silipint cup as they mingle and watch the parade. Bonus points for over-the-top garnishes like bacon, shrimp, and lobster. 
    • Pick a signature cocktail for Thanksgiving Day. There are so many yummy fall flavors that taste delicious in cocktails. Try one of these Moscow Mule recipes from Advanced Mixology. Avoid messes with unbreakable Silipint Wine Glasses or festive Custom Pint Glasses for your guests. Plus, stay COVID safe with color-coordinated cups! 

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      As Turkey Day comes to a close, here are a few grand finale activities to get you over the finish line!

      • Get a silly group photo. For the ultimate group shot, surprise each of your guests with a pair of holiday-themed pajamas. (Or, asks guests to bring their own). After the big meal, everyone can change into their comfy PJs and gather around for a group picture. And don't forget your matching Silipints in your sili picture!
      • With everyone in their comfy clothes, it's time to watch a holiday movie. What better way to cap off the night than with a healthy dose of holiday cheer! Not to mention, it's a great way to decompress before dessert. 

      We hope you enjoyed our Turkey Day traditions and are inspired by a few to try out this year! Tag @Silipint in any of your holiday insta-posts so we can share!


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