Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas




Some of us have exceptional ease at planning dates and some of us have, well, let’s call it performance anxiety, but Valentine's Day is actually the easiest date you’ll ever plan! Because we’re going to do the planning for you! 

When it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day, it's all about making the day extra-special for your loved ones. Recently begun dating? Love-Story along the way? Perhaps, your relationship status is married with children? There's the traditional roses, chocolates, and exchange of gifts, of course, but what about when you want to do something a little more creative?  

Simply choose an activity from our list, which spans everything from planning an epic Rom-Com marathon to Cupid-level date ideas. Whether you're spending Feb. 14 with a Valentine or a Galentine, who wouldn't want a truly memorable night full of love (and lots of chocolate)? 

Celebrate everything that fills your cup with happiness, with our Sweetheart Print Collection. We teamed up with Cupid to bring you our Valentine's themed Prints - sure to spark joy in all. Share the love this Valentine's Day with a Limited Edition Silipint Tumbler, the perfect gift for anyone special in your life. From significant others to friends & teachers, this gift will speak from the heart. 

Make a day of it, make it an adventure, but make sure you Pack the Pints 

A great way to start the day off is by eating a special breakfast together before the adventures begin. Make it breakfast in bed for an additional romantic touch. Fill up a few Pints with their morning beverage of choice, pair it with a favorite breakfast sandwich or delicious, heart-shaped waffles and enjoy each other’s company. 

An important part of Valentine’s Day is time spent laughing, having fun, and sharing an experience together. With that in mind, think outside of the box. Go to an adult arcade, play laser tag, go rollerblading or ice skating (this is especially memorable if you’re not very good). Recreate a memorable date or a special moment that you’ve shared together. Attend a class such as a beginner’s class to a rock-climbing gym, dancing, or a wine & paint session – any of these would leave you with a few stories you can laugh at. Stay hydrated with your own Sweatheart Silipint, because sweethearts that sip together, stay together. 

Pack a Silipint, It’s a Getaway 

Whether you're in a new relationship or one that has tested time – a weekend getaway is a perfectly romantic idea. If you’re able to take the weekend off, travel somewhere new! Grab a map and, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, tack it up on your wall, throw a dart, then go! Pack a cooler with road trip essentials and a few Squeeze-a-Bowls, versatile Pints, or a set of unbreakable Wine Glasses - for those wine-worthy sunsets. Fill up on coffee and hit the roads less traveled! Leave your Facebook and Twitter accounts behind and enjoy each other’s company. 

Rent a romantic cabin for the weekend or check out different Airbnbs in the area that offer interesting stays. If all else fails, a tiny home with a hot tub might be surprisingly easy to find and exactly what you’re looking for. Take this trip to the next level by surprising your loved one with matching drinkware from our Sweetheart Print Collection. Not only will you be making a new memory together, but it will also be one that you can take home and cherish forever. 

Dinner for Two, Bring the Flutes 

Skip the chaos! Restaurants on Valentine’s Day can be crowded, have over-priced pre-set menus, and often be so loud that you can’t hear each other speak. (They might not even be open this year). Skip the chaos and share a special meal together at home - sometimes the best dates are spent in the comfort of your own home. If your relationship is just beginning, now might be the perfect time to impress with those amazing cooking skills... practicing first might help. Or this year it might be a good idea to support your favorite local restaurant with a romantic takeaway meal. 

Take your romantic night-it to the next level! Make it a Rom-Com marathon, game night, try booking an at-home couples massage or just put on an Al Green playlist to spark some funny dance moves and you’ll definitely share a memorable evening. 


Unbreakable Ideas for Spending Valentine's Day with the Kiddos 

Kids love crafting... but kitchen tables everywhere might have something to say about it. Never fear, these mess-free kids' crafts are super fun, easy, and bound to be a V-Day hit! 

Make Silipint flower arrangements, using just Sweetheart Print Silipints, Sili-straws, multi-colored paper, and chocolates/candies. Create the flowers by using the Sili-Straws as stems - cut out paper flowers and hearts, write nice notes on them and attach them to the end of each Sili-Straw. Fill your Sweetheart Print Silipint with your desired candies/chocolates, then ‘plant’ your flowers, and add any additional sweets. These make a great gift for parents, teachers, and babysitters!   

Kid friendly acts of kindness. At school, instead of handing out a couple of Valentine’s cards to your children’s friends or crushes, show them that on Valentine’s Day, everyone deserves an act of kindness or love. Make a simple dessert together in the morning for them to bring to class for every student. All the while, you get to spend quality time together in the kitchen with your little cupid on Valentine’s Day. 

Silipints make it easy with unbreakable, individual serving cups for kids. 

What you’ll need:  

  • 1 cup of whipping cream 
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract 
  • ⅓ cup of cocoa powder 
  • ¾ cup of confectioners sugar 
  • 2 cups of an Oreo-style chocolate cookie 
  • ½ cup of butter 
  • Fresh raspberries 
  • 8oz Silipint Half Pints 


  1. First, using an electric mixer, combine your whipping cream, vanilla, and cocoa powder. Add your confectioners' sugar ¼ cup at a time. It will slowly thicken to form a mousse. 
  2. In a food processor, add your cookies and chop. Then, in a Half Pint glass, add your butter and *place in the microwave until melted. Add it to the processor and mix it with cookies. It will form a thick, moist mixture. 
  3. In your Half Pint glasses layer in the cookie mixture and then the mousse, twice. Top off with a few raspberries and a sprinkle of confectioners sugar. 

*Silipints are microwave-safe and can be tossed in the dishwasher for the easiest cleanup ever known to baking! 

Spread the love, near and far! 

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we might not be able to see all of our loved ones, and social distancing has undoubtedly left many people in a lonely state. Now more than ever, it is important to make sure everyone feels the love! Try holding a virtual happy hour or skype call with those that might be feeling isolated. Or send them a gift of love! Our 16oz Sweetheart Pint, in Ricochet Red, depicts the phrase ‘You are loved’ and would surely bring joy to any recipient.  

Pro tip: Order a matching Sweetheart Silipint and surprise them, even further, over your video chat. Not only will they be surprised by the thoughtful gift, the matching cups will make you feel closer than ever. 



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