How Little Miami Brewing Company Utilized Silipints to Drive Sales and Enhance Brand Loyalty


Little Miami Brewing Company (LMBC), situated along the scenic banks of the Little Miami River in Cincinnati, is a small-batch brewery and taproom renowned for its craft beer and brick oven artisan pizza. Beyond its offerings, LMBC has cultivated a reputation for fostering community connections, positioning itself as a cornerstone of the local area.


LMBC sought to enhance its brand visibility and drive sales by capitalizing on the community's fervent support for local sports teams, namely the Bengals and Reds. Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between sports and beer culture, LMBC aimed to integrate this passion into its marketing strategy effectively.


Understanding the significance of sports in their community, LMBC strategically incorporated Silipint's, durable silicone drinkware, into their merchandise lineup. They paired this with a promotion; customers could purchase a branded LMBC Silipint in their home team's colors alongside their favorite brew for just $20. Additionally, patrons who brought their LMBC Silipint on subsequent visits to the brewery were rewarded with a $1 discount on their next pint. This seamless integration of merchandise sales with craft brews aimed to not only boost revenue but also leave a lasting impression on customers.

Person holding Little Miami Brewing Company Silipint


The partnership with Silipint proved transformative for LMBC, as remarked by a representative from the brewery, stating, "Our customers adore Silipints!" Leveraging Silipint's reputation for quality and sustainability, LMBC offered a unique, eco-friendly product that deeply resonated with its customer base. This collaboration remains pivotal in shaping memorable experiences and fostering brand loyalty. With each sip taken from a Little Miami Silipint, customers not only enhance their drinking experience and save on their favorite beer but also become ambassadors for the Little Miami brand.


By strategically integrating Silipints into their merchandise lineup, Little Miami Brewing Company successfully leveraged the community's passion for local sports to enhance brand visibility and drive sales. This case study highlights the importance of understanding customer interests and preferences while innovating to create unique experiences that foster brand loyalty. As LMBC continues to innovate, its collaboration with Silipint serves as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in the craft brewing industry.

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