Making an Impression: Transform Your Promotions with Silipint

Have you ever thought about how a simple, fun gift can totally change how customers see your brand?
In today’s competitive market, making unique connections with your customers is a game-changer. That’s where Silipint comes in. These cups aren’t just any cups—they're the ticket to elevating your promotional game!

William Murray, a premium golf apparel brand, recently teamed up with Silipint to offer branded cups as a gift with any purchase over $120. Imagine the excitement when the customer opens their package and finds a branded Silipint as well! Not only is it a reminder of the awesome shopping experience they had with William Murray – it’s a totally useful, unbreakable cup to take along in the golf cart for their favorite beverage!
William Murray email blast offering free Silipint with $120 purchase

Using Silipints as a gift with purchase can make for a killer addition to any promotional giveaway! These cups are not your average tchotchke, throw-away freebies. Silipints are a modern-day miracle for the promotional world. They are high-quality 100% food grade silicone that is practically unbreakable. Not only that they are dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven safe with no toxic chemicals – plastic, lead and BPA-Free! Didn’t know they could be so awesome did you?

But wait there is more . . . they are also eco-friendly. Who doesn’t want to protect Mother Earth from those one-time plastic use solutions?  Not only are Silipints fighting the good-fight of ridding the earth of plastics, but they are also produced in a close-loop environment meaning no waste. Yay for Silicone!

Lucky for you Silipint has a large variety of colors and sizes to meet your gift with purchase needs. Wine glasses that pair great with a bottle of wine at a winery, bowls that make a cool gift with purchase for yogurt or ice cream., pint glasses for your breweries and pubs – we have a cup for everyone and every situation. It’s so easy - pick the cup and color, we brand and ship to you!

William Murray is on-point with their promotional strategy. They are ramping up customer engagement by offering a gift with purchase, increasing revenue with minimum order size, and leaving a lasting brand impression with every sip a customer takes out of their NEW Silipint! Not to mention the word-of-mouth marketing satisfied customers share when they have that positive shopping experience! 

Don’t let William Murray be the only retailer to take their promotional game to the next level! Join them by adding Silipint to your promotional strategy this Fall. It’s a win-win for you and your customer!  


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