Boosting Sales with Strategic Displays at Yogurt Lounge

Background: Yogurt Lounge, located at 10998 O'Malley Centre Dr, Anchorage, Alaska, is a popular destination for delicious frozen yogurt and other treats. Despite its popularity, Yogurt Lounge faced challenges in showcasing certain retail products effectively, particularly Silipint's versatile drinkware.

The Challenge: Initially, Silipint products were not prominently displayed, often placed behind the counter or hidden on crowded shelves. This lack of visibility led to slower sales and reduced customer engagement with the products.

The Solution: Silipint introduced eye-catching displays specifically designed to enhance product visibility and attract customer attention. These displays are strategically placed to maximize exposure and highlight the unique features of Silipint's drinkware.

Image of Silipint product display in Yogurt Lounge, Anchorage Alaska


  1. Strategic Placement: Displays were positioned at high-traffic areas within the store, such as near the entrance and adjacent to the self-serve yogurt stations.
  2. Visual Appeal: The displays utilized vibrant colors and clear signage to draw attention. They also included informational tags highlighting the unbreakable nature and eco-friendly benefits of Silipint products.
  3. Interactive Elements: Customers were encouraged to pick up and feel the products, experiencing firsthand the quality and durability of Silipint's drinkware.

Results: The introduction of these strategic displays led to a noticeable increase in sales at Yogurt Lounge. Customers were more likely to notice and purchase Silipint products, resulting in frequent reorders to meet the growing demand.

Customer Feedback: Sierra H., a representative from Yogurt Lounge, expressed satisfaction with the new displays: "Love the new display. It has already made a noticeable increase in sales. Thank you!"

Conclusion: The success at Yogurt Lounge demonstrates the significant impact of well-designed and strategically placed displays in retail environments. By enhancing product visibility and engaging customers, Silipint's displays have proven to be an effective tool in boosting sales and increasing customer satisfaction.


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