Silicone Squeeze-a-Bowl - 18 oz


Color: Sun Storm


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From the adventures in your test kitchen to a weekend getaway and every working lunch in between. Durable silicone food bowls are gamechanger to everyday dishware and single-use throwaways. Quiet spoon scraping. Grippy, weighted bottom. Safe to touch when hot. Great for kids and adults when snacking, sipping, baking or mixing brownies, soup, cereal or ice cream. Tolerant to extremes and extremely easy to tolerate. Nuke 'em, then toss them in the sink or dishwasher for the easiest, and most unbreakable, cleanup ever.

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Features & Benefits Features & Benefits

Silipints are safe for the microwave, dishwasher, freezer & more. They can hold hot & cold beverages. Avoid spills with the insane no-slip base. Silipints will not break, crack, chip, dent, fade or scratch.

Lifetime Guarantee Lifetime Guarantee

Silipints are safe & built to last, made of 100% food-grade, platinum-cured silicone that is free of chemicals.

Used for hot or cold beverages, they’re durable and will never wear out.

We stand behind our products. If you’re not happy, we’ll refund or replace your products under our lifetime guarantee.

Material Material

Silicone is made from materials that exist in abundance - the same materials that make up a huge percentage of the earth's crust.

Silipints are made of 100% food-grade, FDA approved, platinum-cured silicone that is free of BPA, BPS and phthalates. They're durable, eco-friendly & will never wear out.

Drop it, Bake it, Squeeze it & More

See the amazing features and benefits of our unbreakable tablewear.

5.00 Average

33 Reviews

Shaune Younkers

Rebecca Barnes

I love these bowls, they are so versatile and microwavable and the colors make me happy!

Nicole D Strohl

Merri Burkett

I now have 4 squeeze-a-bowls in different tie dye colors. I love them for everything from soup to ice cream and cereal. They work great in the microwave and don’t get hot on the outside. Buy a couple…you won’t be sorry.

Myra Dee Maggied

Jessica Fiumefreddo


Beverly Frederick

Best decision we ever made in getting these for our dogs. The clanking of tags on metal and glass bowls scared them! Now we’re all happy!

Rachel L Leonard

Renee Stoj

Perfect bowl for ice cream! Husband stole my bowl and now has claimed it as his favorite dish for ice cream! It doesn't sweat!

John C Porth

I just wish you didn't stop making certain items that I really wanted. Like the larger 20 oz glow in the dark cups. And the other color bowls no longer available.

Heidi Wall

We love the Squeeze a Bowls! We use them for cereal, snacks, soup, and sometimes to hold small items while traveling in the car. They have a nice, soft, smooth, and grippy feel. We love all the fun color combinations.

Sylvia Scharf

My kid uses two of these bowls on rotation for pretty much every meal. No more knocked-over bowls/plates. The base is heavy and non-skid, and the sides are flexy but not so squashy that things get spilled. Cleans incredibly easily (dishwasher or handwash) due to the smooth inside.

Gloria Cann

I tried this bowl out, it has become my go to bowl. Love this

Lucinda DeRock

Shalynn Bates

It's perfect!

Deb Allen

My daily go to. Perfect for oatmeal in microwave - it doesn’t burn my fingers and nothing sticks to it.

Megan Campbell

Wish I could afford more!

Jennifer Fidler

Lori Iaconis

Nice soup/ice cream bowl! Stacks nicely too

Douglas Eroh

Love my new bowl,when I drop it, it doesn't break

Karen Burton

This bowl is awesome….for any thing…..Reheating chili… egg beaters in morning……What ever U need in microwave this is perfect…..The clean up is soap and water and it doesn’t stain how nice that is…….With out a doubt my favorite bowl. to use

Ronald Lambert

I have used it for breakfast, ( oatmeal) & for soups. Very impressed with how easy it is to clean because of the smooth surface inside the bowl. Being Silicone I don't have to worry about chipping our granite countertops or scrathing out wooden table. I would highly recommend this product.

Brenda Ricciardi

This is the perfect size for traveling with Our Fur Baby

Evelyn Doherty-Terfry

Just get it. You won’t regret it

Sarah Andrus

Linda J Campbell

So beautiful and a generous size too.


Love giving my kid snacks and all manner of things in these. They’re so durable and hold up great to his constant battering!

Maryellen Kabot

Love the size as a snacking bowl or grandkids cereal. Plus not having to worry about it shattering on the floor is HUGE!

CAylee Doherty

CAylee Doherty