Stemless Wine Tumbler - 12 oz


Color: Sun Storm


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Stock your indoor & outdoor bar for carefree entertaining with our new and improved, unbreakable 12 ounce stemless silicone wine glasses. Redesigned to be more sturdy, this wine glass gives a more confident hold. With a polished outer surface, thicker wall and sturdier base, you’ll know a patented Silipint when you experience the difference. Forget about disastrous broken glass, dented stainless and crappy plastic. Bring these on every camping trip, park picnic, pool party, beach bonfire and tailgate in between. Lightweight, odorless, and safe in the dishwasher or when bouncing around in the bottom of a sink.

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Features & Benefits Features & Benefits

Silipints are safe for the microwave, dishwasher, freezer & more. They can hold hot & cold beverages. Avoid spills with the insane no-slip base. Silipints will not break, crack, chip, dent, fade or scratch.

Lifetime Guarantee Lifetime Guarantee

Silipints are safe & built to last, made of 100% food-grade, platinum-cured silicone that is free of chemicals.

Used for hot or cold beverages, they’re durable and will never wear out.

We stand behind our products. If you’re not happy, we’ll refund or replace your products under our lifetime guarantee.

Material Material

Silicone is made from materials that exist in abundance - the same materials that make up a huge percentage of the earth's crust.

Silipints are made of 100% food-grade, FDA approved, platinum-cured silicone that is free of BPA, BPS and phthalates. They're durable, eco-friendly & will never wear out.

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33 Reviews

Stewart Marshall

Soft to the touch and something you can get a grip on.

Sharon Crouch

I have dropped more stemless old cutglass juice/wine glasses that I can count. The latest was while walking to the kitchen to put my empty glass in the dishwasher. Before going to bed. In socks. Glass shards everywhere. I had to stand on one foot until my husband got out of bed and brought me shoes to wear. Instead of going to bed we swept and vacuumed the floor. The next morning I looked for unbreakable wine glasses and eventually found them at Silipint. I love ❤️ my frosted glasses. So far I've dropped 2 out of 4 glasses. Yep. They've paid for themselves.

Kimberly Dudley

Love these wine tumblers! They are nice and sturdy with still being flexible!

Sally Ficklen

Love! So well made - love the icicle color! Great purchase ! Tumblers also were shipped quickly.

Sara Burnette

I love the colors, the size, and how convenient it is to travel with. It was perfect for our picnic last week and rinsed out easily before packing it away for the drive home.

Sharon Avery

I’ve been looking for tough easy care glassware for around my pool. These glasses are perfect in the hand, lovely coloring & perfect size.

Sharon Avery

I’ve been looking for tough easy care glassware for around my pool. These glasses are perfect in the hand, lovely translucence & perfect size.

Brittany Eisner

Great for those that need to fidget in social situations

Patricia Van Horne

I love these and will be purchasing more. Great for outdoors and pretty

Miranda Steinhauser

Nikki McCafferty

Nikki McCafferty

Denise A Gordon

Silipint is an awesome product and I am glad to be an owner of this merchandise.

Denise A Gordon

I was traveling in San Antonio and went to the botanical gardens and was introduced to my first Silipint product. I am now inspired to be a Silipint customer.


HI. I bought 4 Icicle "Rocks" and 4 Icicle "Wines" (Tumblers) so that my place setting figure 8 would match beautifully even though we have some beer drinkers and some wine drinkers, some cocktail drinkers, some teas and some smoothies/whole juicers. "Icicle" is one of the only shades that translates from wine to on the rocks and vice versa. I had a problem with the "ROCKS" spotting. (The Wine Tumblers seem a bit denser.) "KATE" from Silipint commented that "acidic" beverages can spot the silicone, which isn't sealed. Look out, Oktoberfest! Kate then offered to send m.e. 4 "FREE" "SMOKE" Rocks (which will match my plates, but the beverages still can't get married.) Soaking in peroxide helps, but not 100%. And, buffing will cause the silicone to cloud, ever so slightly. Not a matched set anymore, and the surface is marred just a touch. I'm looking forward to Kate's resolution.

Teresa Clark

I love these wine glasses in the new size. They are much sturdier! I use them for my water on my nightstand!

Jarrett Mixon

I love Silipint, excellent product, they’re great to use around the pool, in the hot tub or just anything, anywhere!!!

Katie Pelland

Great size and very sturdy! Hold up well with multiple uses and washes (in dishwasher) Purple Haze is beautiful color that's nearly opaque; Rose Water is a subtler, more transparent color

Mary Stiglich

I had previously purchased 5 of your original 14oz stemless wine glasses; giving 4 for gifts and keeping 1 for myself. I have always been disappointed with mine. It is too large around for my small hand to hold comfortably, and it has discolored. It now resides in the back of the cupboard! Because I love your products, I gave your new 12oz style wine glass a try. It is much better than the 1st one!!! Maybe you knew you needed to make improvements??

Carol Anderson

I got these for my friend's birthday. Everyone was thrilled with how cool they look and feel. Silipints have become my go to gift. They are loved by young and old alike.

Teresa Clark

I really like this purple haze tumbler. I use it for my water on my nightstand. This is the 3rd one I purchased and I like this one the best. It is a bit more sturdier than the whitish one I have. I do wish they would make a lid to fit it.

Emily Mucci

My new favorite wine cup!

Brandi Davidson

I love the look and feel of the cup. Much thinner than the pint glasses closer to what a normal glass feels like. We live in the south and it is still winter so we are excited to see what it looks like after it becomes summer and we can see how well it keeps things from sweating.

Jennifer Chhetri

Love it! I was concerned it would be too flimsy for beverages but it is firm enough to grip and keep liquids from spilling out.

Jennifer Chhetri

chris miller

Love the color and the usual Silipint quality and features. Would be nice to have an 8 oz version since the usual pour is 5 oz (yes, I know, home pours are larger).

Lindsay Errico

Meghan Ryan

These are an updated and very good version of the Silipint wine glasses. The original had a seam around the middle that made them seem too casual for normal use around the house. These new glasses are GREAT. They have no seam and are a perfect size. We have used them for wine, but also for boozy hot chocolate and hot buttered rum, since they are opaque and make the drinks look festive.

Deborah Schronce

Just had to try it out in my favorite color! I really like the size & feel & the fact it can't be broken.

Erin Meier